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at my sister's 8/29/09 (5 comments) (5 comments) (3 comments) June 12, 2010 (4 comments) (2 comments) Me and my new buddy, Willie Wocket ;) He was a present from my daughter for Christmas 2010. This is what I'll look like heading into 2011. I maintained for all of 2010! (2 comments) This is actually me. Sure it's an edited photo (who is really that "soft"? no one), but it's still ME. I need to remember to SEE myself as being this person instead of the mean, ugly, gruesome green witch... So, in an effort to remember this, I am making this my profile pic. (3 comments) I need to PAY ATTENTION to my hunger... ...FOCUS on my goals... ...and REWIRE my brain again by feeding it PROPERLY :) This is what I really look like now. Not too terrible but not too healthy or good either. (1 comments) Another current picture. I'm the goofy one with pigtails. End of Feb 2014 - I went snowshoeing at a friend's cabin on the Colorado/Wyoming border. FUN! NEVER AGAIN! This is me at my highest weight (HW) of 272.6 on 11/23/93. (1 comments) this pic was my MOTIVATION - seeing my knee in the chair and remembering what my tummy FELT like (2 comments) my 100 Paperclip explanation... see my photo gallery for a partial picture of the chain (2 comments) the end of my 100-paperclip chain ;-) (4 comments) a "before" pic w/ my sis - she's now a Major in the Air Force (2 comments) body shot that Matthew took 7/1/08 MOTIVATION! I remember what this felt like and I want to feel like this again!! (5 comments) progress/transformation pic - 104 lbs gone as of 3/12/08 (9 comments) this pic was a "reality check" for me. I didn't even recognize the person in the picture! (4 comments) me goofing at work in one of my old pairs of pants - they're 22Ws (1 comments) an official "before" picture. I've checked and my actual weight here was 259 lbs. (1 comments) a "before" pic at Sea World - I think I'm fatter than the mascot!! (1 comments) comparison shot of rt arm - early '07 to early '08 - w/out strength training to speak of (2 comments) a "before" pic w/ my preggers friend, Jen - BLEAH!!! I look SO awful!! (2 comments) MORE MOTIVATION! I felt so completely empowered and LEAN. It felt GOOD. I want this again!! (3 comments)

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