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Xmas 2008 at my sister's and off my feet for a change! (2 comments) September 2008 on my birthday with daughter #1 (1 comments) Xmas 2009 with daughter # 3 (2 comments) Socrates, my 13 years old Siamese cat, and me taken just before leaving for our final visit to the vet on March 13th, 2010. R.I.P. my little companion! (1 comments) Socrates and I, two insomniacs keeping each other awake (and company) at 4:00 a.m. (2 comments) Granddaughter Olivia (3 years old) posing for the camera in her new bedroom in her brand new home in January 2010! (3 comments) Husband, Ian, and I for my eldest daughter's housewarming party in January 2010. Cuddling Socrates last Xmas! With daughter # 4, Geneviève, at her Master of Arts graduation in New York City (2009) on top of the Empire State Building! (2 comments) My nephews and nieces and 5 out of 6 daughters ! I'm the eldest of 3 daughters and I have 6 children (daughters only!) . My middle sister has 10 children (6 daughters and 4 sons) and my youngest sister has 4 children (1 daughter and 3 sons). Total of 20 grandchildren for my mother (my father passed away in 1998), a lot of people and fun during our family get together! Spring is around the corner, Kenzo, our cat is making sure of it! (3 comments) On Mother's Day (2008) with my mother (the short lady), husband, daughter # 3, Émilie and her husband, Ondrej, by the Lachine Canal in Montreal. Daughters #1 (Héloïse) and #6 (Nicole) with granddaughter Olivia under the maple tree in our back yard! Left to right: Nicole , Émilie, Héloïse, Anne-Marie with Olivia on her lap, Julie-Anne. (1 comments) Olivia, my 3 years old grandaughter, found her Easter Egg! (1 comments) Nicole (#6 daughter)and Emilie (#3 daughter) found some Easter Egg and chocolate at the same time! (1 comments) Easter Egg Hunt's lunch: Tapas, green salad, raw veggies and Wild berries Pavlova for dessert! (1 comments) Grandad and Nicole are helping Olivia Easter Egg Hunting! Another Easter Egg Hunt finished, all our hunters did very well! (1 comments) Emilie and her husband, Ondrej, are really looking everywhere ... for those X!%@3 Easter eggs! April 2010, self portrait taken during a swealtering +35C walk, couldn't resist those lovely irises! Baby sitting my granddaughter Olivia at the park on a sweltering +35C April 2010 day. (2 comments) Olivia and I playing in the water games on that +35C April 2010 day! Sitting with my mother and 2 youngest daughters on Mother's Day 2010. Mom and I on Mother's Day 2010. Fooling around with daughters Emilie and Geneviève in the NY City metro, May 2010. Dance festival in the streets of NY City, May 2010. Lots of fun! Bibi (my grandaughter's name for me!) and Olivia having fun together! (2 comments) Olivia is driving the shopping cart while her Mom is holding on! Japanese steps leading to our backyard through the side gate... My husband (Ian), the gardener of the family, is looking proudly on the front yard ! Side gate viewed from the street. Purple clematis and climbing roses are growing and flowering ... Flower bed in middle of backyard, enclosing the roung stone paved patio ... (1 comments) Purple clematis climbing along the back of the garage... Flower bed underneath our backyard maple tree ... Ian and I on our 34th wedding anniversary, July 3rd 2010! Latest self portrait, July 2010 Ian & I before leaving for our 34th wedding anniversary's fun evening! More garden pictures, middle of backyard, end of June 2010 Japanese steps into our garden! Upstair view of the front porch... Lilies Glorious clematis! Side garden gate, viewed from the backyard... Grandaughter Olivia (3), daughters Geneviève (27) and Nicole (18) and I (53) - July 3, 2010 (1 comments)

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