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Thing One and Thing Two (closeup) (6 comments) With My Dad, 1961 (Happy Fathers Day!) (7 comments) W/ Thing One at Yankee Stadium - June '14 (4 comments) Showing My Colors - Aug 14 (6 comments) Thing One Turns 18 (party hats...) (3 comments) Thing One in Seasonal Regalia (1 comments) Our College Applicant (2 comments) is very proud of Thing One, who continues to bat 1.000 in college acceptances. (5 comments) is related to these people (3 comments) Just like Apollo 13, we are proud, happy and thrilled! (4 comments) posted a status about a week ago, asking who was your 1st celebrity crush. I promised to respond regarding myself. Recognize the pic? (5 comments) HS Graduation Day for Thing One! (6 comments) June 2015 Vacation - can you tell where we were? (5 comments) Another June 2015 Vacation shot - where are we? (5 comments) Thing One turns 19 today. How are you celebrating? (4 comments) she's been dropped and unpacked. We are home. And you cannoy Sparky on the Jersey Turnpike. (6 comments) is on my deck, keeping a lounge chair from flying upward and smacking headlong into the sun. Don't believe me? Look below...! (3 comments) did not travel to Parents Weekend in Massachusetts, for a variety of reasons generally relating to weather. What I got instead was this pic of Thing One, still in her Orioles Orange in Red Sox Nation. (4 comments) Summer 2015 (2 comments) Thing One was Betty Rubble for Halloween; boyfriend of the moment was Barney (see pic) (2 comments) has finally picked a presidential candidate. Do you like my choice? (4 comments) Thing Two: "People will hate you, if you post about every single college I get into." So move along. We have nothing to report here. (4 comments) Do you use "Eventbrite"? I find it is not very "brite" at all. This rolled into my email this morning, confirming a college campus visit that actually occurred a half year ago. Perils of the internet. (2 comments) wonders if you recall "the good old days?" Was not so long ago... (4 comments) has been diligently tracking for a week, and I've lost more than a kettle-ball in weight. No foolin' (2 comments) In a just and fair world... (1 comments) achieved my goal weight, most recently just after the 1st 100 Days of the Kennedy Administration. (1 comments) thinks is is what good little Sparkies heard during last night's State of the Unon: (1 comments) Twitter says its National Hat Day. I found one for me. (4 comments) Blizzard of 2016 (5 comments) after several coughs and sputters, it roared to life and filled our garage with fumes. We're ready for what angry mother nature brings, I guess. (3 comments) Blew a paltry 34 inches snow out of our driveway. Blog up. (5 comments) is ready for spring. Snow is over. The Big Dig continues. This map shows some official snow totals near us. Wow. (1 comments) is taking a poll. Testifying as an expert witness in court Thursday. Haircut or no? (13 comments) pic of Thing Two,, circa 2011, who turns 18 today. Then, as now, half-cursed with my DNA. (Yes, only half). Sing-along blog up, btw. (5 comments) Thing Two has fast breaking news, in the form of a substantial, partial scholarship. (4 comments) can report that Thing Two is nearing a final decision. Here is a hint: reports that after an arduous process, many acceptances and even scholarship offers, Thing Two has made a decision. (8 comments) challenges you to take this poll. - the results may surprise you. My results should surprise no one. (5 comments) This latest ranking still leaves me relatively unconcerned. Love her or hate her, respect her or think she is villainous and dishonest, she is qualified and sane. (5 comments) wonders if you too have one or more kids in college. If so, you can relate to this. (3 comments) had total success with the internet, for once in my life. First Row, no less, for Opening Day. (3 comments) finally we have an official decision from Thing Two. Pity the broke parents, out of state tuitions in two directions. (6 comments) has good news and bad news. Bad: Amtrak derailment has stranded Thing Two in Massachusetts where he was visiting his sister. The good news: he was not on the derailed train. (7 comments) Opening Day in Baltimore, celebrated deep in the heart of (snowy) Red Sox Nation, Massachusetts. You can take the girl out of Baltimore, but you can't take Baltimore out of the girl. (3 comments) Throwback Thursday (8 comments) offers guidance for the grocery store: (1 comments) Dear Manischewitz: I have a simple request. Matzo needs to be shaped like Dorito chips. Thank you. Signed, your captive audience. (2 comments) polls NYC area Sparkfriends: I'll be at NJTP Exit 11 at about 9AM. Guess & go (GWB) or up and around (GSP / Tappan Zee). Thoughts? (1 comments) has again been accused of providing the donor genes for the first successful cloning of a human being. (7 comments) Look in the mirror. Now. Yes, you. Now. Like what you see? Or not? Either way, remember The Boss. (No, not me. The real Boss). (2 comments) is asking that you observe a moment of silence. Now. Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled healthy snacking. (2 comments) is proud of Thing One, who left today for her summer internship to rid the world of Republicans. (4 comments) found (or did Thing Two make) a cartoon likeness of his big sister and him. (2 comments) No pool today. Senior Awards Ceremony Instead (5 comments) is out in the midwest for Parents Weekend. This from our day in Chicago, which is no place to Spark. (3 comments) Thing One wants to be the next female President. Check her hat carefully. (3 comments) is airport-bound. Thing One the Sophomore gets a whole week off for Thanksgiving. This pic of us from "yesterday" (4 comments) Thing One and Thing Two, wish everyone in Sparkland a Happy Thanksgiving! (2 comments) Thing One has a Skype interview today for a summer internship with a federal agency in DC. What a fascinating modern world in which we live. (4 comments) (3 comments) did not swim much, out of town wedding. 2,098 laps summer to date. But had a rare good family pic taken at the wedding (3 comments) New Selfie - Oct '17 (3 comments) Patriots Day for the home town team at UMass Amherst. All the kids are dressed in their Patriots gear, for the special brunch before the big game. Then, of course, there is Thing One. Feb 2018; Have Some Sparky Redo To Do Pennant Race; Aug 2012 - 57 lbs down (6 comments) Thing 1 and Thing 2 - Fall 2012 (4 comments) Thing 1 and Thing 2 - Fall 2012 (3 comments) Civic Pride Day at School - #BuckTheYankees (1 comments) It's March for Crying Out Loud! (5 comments) Thing 2, The Day Before Puberty (2009) (1 comments) Thing 1 - The Day Before Puberty (2007) (2 comments) About 50 lbs down (2 comments) Susan818127 With Thing 1 (3 comments) Fourth and last of a series Thing 1, Channeling Susan818127 (now red hair) (1 comments) Meet the Parents (Summer '13) (8 comments) Throwback Thursday (our wedding; 1991) (6 comments) Still confident in anthropogenic global warming (6 comments) Me @ Age 17 or 18 (4 comments) TBT - With Thing One in 1997 (2 comments) Susan818127's Surprise Party - We Did It! (6 comments) Prom 2014 - Thing One (9 comments) July 2012; my old/new suit, 53.5 lbs down (15 comments) July 2012 head-shot; (The white hairs are new!) (3 comments) Progress Pic - After 4.5 months of Spark; down 38 lbs (you all asked!) (16 comments) Head-Shot; May 2012 (4.5 months into Spark; 38 lbs down) (2 comments) Susan and Me; August 2010 (or was it '09?) (5 comments) Note how skinny I am in the pic! (4 comments) Montreal; Summer 2011 (3 comments) From the Glory Days! (2 comments) My "Before" Pic - Summer 2011 (3 comments) On our Honeymoon - 1991 (8 comments) Family Shot - 2010 (9 comments) Wedding Shot - 1991 (6 comments) Me in 1989 (Age 28 - my adulthood thinnest) (7 comments) Age 12 - 1972 (7 comments)

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