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See this image largerJune 2010-July 2010See this image largerMy ReasonsSee this image largeris celebrating our 36th anniversary,(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerI recently changed to tracking miles. I'm proud of this trophy. Some of my buddies can do this many miles in a few days, but they are on a different part of their fitness journey. Start where you are!See this image largerMy daughter walked with me today! Her doctors want her to exercise a few minutes a day for various reasons. I'm happy that after months of my asking she said yes to walking today.See this image largerI have started a different type of accountability. Each time I go for a walk I post a photo of something I notice on IG and FB. I feel a responsibility to my IG followers, so it helps me get out of the door.See this image largerToday I was able to walk up the last hill without stopping. I try to take a picture on my walks. You can see more of mt photos on Instagram. SewhappybjmSee this image largerPicking up the pace. Whew!See this image largerThis dog is so sweet. It never barks at me. Walking for health. Walking for fitness. My future self will thank me.See this image largerExcept for pausing to take a few pictures, I didn't have to stop to catch my breath even though I walked further and faster.See this image largerAnother walk, another flower pictureSee this image largerEvery Step Counts. Find beauty wherever you go.See this image largerI walked a mile today despite feeling unmotivated. I am catching a cold and just wanted to lie around, but I drug myself outside and walked for 25 minutes.See this image largerOne day I'll look forward to exercise, but for now it's just another thing on my to do list. Looking for flowers helps me have something pleasant to look forward to. Here's an amaryllis that my neighbor planted outside.See this image largerToday's walk was brought to you by the color yellow and the color purple. #MyFutureSelfWillThankMe #EveryStepCountsSee this image largerAlthough the temperature was mild, the sun and the humidity and a week of not walking made today's walk challenging.See this image largerI went for my walk before it got hot today. I feel much better.See this image largerweek 14 of my streak for "Do not consume soft drinks. 7 times per week" earned 9/16/2017See this image largerI take at least one picture on every walk. Taking a photo keeps me aware of nnt surroundings and makes me look for beauty. In addition, the photos provide me with a visual journal of my walks. #EveryStepCountsSee this image largerAt the end of my walk this morning, I felt a like droopy like the flowers in the bottom of the picture. But now I'm staying to feel more exuberant like the flower in the center.See this image largerAfter owning this phone for months, I checked out the health app. The walking coach is hidden under the Run section. I used it this morning. I know it is just a program, but it was nice to have encouragement while I was walking. Picture of neighbors planter.See this image largerAutumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus #EveryStepCounts #walkingforhealthSee this image largerDelicious ginger curry carrot soup. So good. Easy with electric pressure cooker abe immersion blenderSee this image largerMonday it was cold. I had to trick myself into a walk. I was not motivated to walk because I was tired and it was cold. I got my daughter to drop me off a block from the park on her way to work. Well, I had to walk if I wanted to get back home. Mission accomplished. Today it's in the 70s. I loved my walk today.See this image largerI'm not seeing victory on the scale yet, but I'm feeling better and moving more easily.See this image largerIt was sprinkling when I walked out the door. The old me would have gone back inside and pretended that I'd exercise inside. The now me decided that a little rain was ok. I did question myself where the rain got hard, but I answered "so what."See this image largerI document most walks with pictures. It keeps me aware of mt surroundings and of the seasons.See this image largerToday I went for my fourth walk this week. Not shabby. Before this week, I've been averaging less than 1 walk a week. When I see myself going for a walk when I'm not motivated, my inner self realizes how important this activity is.See this image largerFirst of May. First walk after a two week break. My time was slower, but I did it!See this image largerIt's been raining here for days. I've been using the reason as an excuse to not walk. Today I took advantage of a break in the showers andwent for my walk and got caught in the rain. Frizzy hair, don't care.See this image largerIt's almost like having a private pool. Water walking for fin and fitness.See this image largerScott is my best friend.(1 comments)See this image largerMy family. My motivationSee this image largerBiking on the beach at Hilton HeadSee this image largerHubby in IraqSee this image largerMoira and FalaSee this image largerMy soldierSee this image largerJune 2010See this image largerJuly 2010

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