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So my sweet potato and asparagus might take up a bit more of my plate than my Rosemary chicken... (9 comments) Story of my golf game today... (3 comments) Feeling great today. My skinny jeans are getting too big! And this top is a medium from American Eagle! (48 comments) I have extra skin. But I choose not to let it dictate my life or my fitness dreams. Point is my body may never be the same but I love it anyway. (25 comments) We're homeowners!! (25 comments) Hawaiian chicken thighs and broccoli. So delicious. (4 comments) I'll have you all with me on my run tomorrow! #sparkpeople #halfmarathon (9 comments) New PR! 2:28:34! (20 comments) I ran for SparkPeople! Go Blue! (4 comments) This rainy day won't get me down. It's definitely starting to feel like spring! (12 comments) Wearing my SparkPeople tech shirt for my first run in my new neighborhood. (7 comments) Practicing for my passport photo. Still can't believe I'm going to London and Ireland this summer! (13 comments) is getting my first foster dog on Saturday! (10 comments) Look at my beautiful foster girl. Finally safe and sleepy. (16 comments) Forgot my lunch. Luckily the local grocery offered this amazing option. Grilled chicken, fruit and cottage cheese. Yum! (10 comments) Feeling beautiful. #nsv of the day (19 comments) One of my best friend's bachelorette party. (15 comments) My bracelet reminded me of who I am today. (3 comments) Just ran a 2 mile race in 18:14! Waiting to hear if I placed in my age group. Only a little sweaty... (16 comments) First place in my age division yesterday. 8:59 mile pace means a new PR. (8 comments) Ran my first 10k in 1:03:18. Got second in my age group. Of course only 2 of us were in it, so I also got last... (10 comments) Even on vacation in London, I'm finding inspiration to amp up my fitness. (2 comments) JD and I on a bus in England. (9 comments) When juicy plums attack! My poor skirt... (6 comments) Finished my 10th race of 2015. Placed 15th in my age group. (5 comments) Last day of vacation. (7 comments) Page 33 of the holiday edition of First For Women! (15 comments) Not exactly how I'd hoped to start my new year. Hit by a drunk hit and run driver. I'm okay. Just waiting to be seen by a doctor in the hospital. (42 comments) My husband is so handsome. I know I'm partial, but daaaannnnngggg! (5 comments) (13 comments) Sometimes I see pictures of myself and just love them. That feeling never gets old. (9 comments) So excited to be expecting our first child, our precious baby boy! (12 comments) My daily motivation for everything I do. During this walk, he decided he didn't want to ride in the stroller, so I held him while pushing the stroller. Looked crazy but it was a good workout! (8 comments) Chef Bruce Aidell's chicken and Apple sausage and two scrambled eggs with salsa. Whole30 D1M1 (day 1 meal 1). D1M1 of #whole30 Applegate hotdogs with yellow mustard, sweet potato, onion and asparagus hash and grapes. Not pictured, my mid-morning snack of an Apple pie Larabar. That's a happy breakfast if I ever saw one. My whole world in one photo. (14 comments) I’m back to not loving pictures of myself. That was such a wonderful NSV. I look forward to once again being able to see pictures without being upset with how I look. Oh yeah. May have dyed my hair super blonde...SURPRISE! An empty water bottle means time to get up and move around, and fill it right back up. I've got 60 oz so far today. How about you? (3 comments) This new purchase had me super excited!! (11 comments) That treadmill workout was no joke! Sweaty selfies are the best selfies, right? (3 comments) Doesn't this look fun? (6 comments) Treadmill...dreadmill. Same thing. (4 comments) Yes, my arm is in a cast. No,it's not broken. Confused? Me too. (12 comments) (8 comments) Size 20 shorts now make a better skirt! (29 comments) Forgot I had soccer when I curled my hair this morning. Oh well! Soccer Selfie! (16 comments) SP taught me instead of buttering my toast to try eggs over easy and dipping my toast in the yolks. Haven't used butter since! And chicken and apple sausage is amazing!!! (4 comments) day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/19/2015 Fifteen pounds down and high waisted bikini bottoms means a more confident Jan-Marie! (36 comments) Finally scored a goal and my soccer team won!!! (15 comments) New haircut! (17 comments) Size 6?!? (32 comments) My newest headshot for work. Amazing how much happier I look right? (33 comments) Here's the difference 100 pounds makes. (234 comments) I'm so happy that I'm getting healthy for the rest of my life with this man. (26 comments) Navy Calvin Klein size 10, and Orange size 8!!! Non-Scale Victories! (49 comments) From 275 at my 22nd birthday to 185 on my 24th. Here's to losing 40 more pounds before I turn 25. (22 comments) (28 comments) One of my new favorite pictures. Reminder of how far I've come. (15 comments) Happy to be in the 180s! (27 comments) Loving life today. 2-14-13 (15 comments) December 3, 2012. One Year Anniversary. 183.8lbs (91lbs down) (21 comments) 12-3-12 183.8lbs (10 comments) 10-24-12 189.6 lbs after a run! (5 comments) 10-24-12 Side progress shot. 189.6 lbs (9 comments) Special moment captured at JD's Senior Night for Ohio. (22 comments) The MEDIUM Jersey that I finally fit into! (6 comments) Sept. 21, 2012. 191.2 pounds. (11 comments) I think I look really happy. (6 comments) Blonde hair to start the school year. No longer OBESE! (12 comments) Feeling pretty finally under 200 pounds with a good hair day. (11 comments) Drinking water at the bars with my friends! (18 comments) Dancing at a wedding. (9 comments) Weddings are fun! 7-21-12 (11 comments) 67 pounds down and ready to workout. 208.o lbs on 7-12-12 (12 comments) 219.4 at work 5-22-12 (12 comments) Almost no double chin! (2 comments) 50 pounds lost and ready to golf! (6 comments) Blonde Hair! (2 comments) I promised a beach photo. I didn't take that many and I'm obviously still the only one in a tankini. (5 comments) Front view down 36 lbs. Sorry it's so far away. Still trying to get the timing down. (4 comments) Side view down 36 lbs. 2/27/12 not sucking in...haha (2 comments) One of the first photos I feel I look pretty in a while. (8 comments) Down 30 lbs! (4 comments) Here I'm down to 250. I think it shows in my face. (3 comments) When ashamed of your body you buy big baggy clothing to cover it. Only makes me look bigger here... (3 comments) Another pic with J.D. This was October 2011, at one of my heaviest weights. (1 comments) Yet another before photo... August 2011. Yikes. (1 comments) Can't believe I got this big. (3 comments) Senior Year of College January 2011. Scary thing is I thought this was a great pic of myself. (27 comments) This was the summer before my senior year of college with my boyfriend J.D. (1 comments) 21st Birthday With Friends (1 comments) Wow, I've come so far. Can't believe I ever let myself get like this. (7 comments)

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