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(2 comments) I adore polka dots!!! I back up in weight.. not to the original, but Im working on it! :-) I Love my new hair! Yay! (3 comments) Ok! This one is just for the necklace....the back says "my love" I do love my girls! (1 comments) 5k Fight For Air Walk 2010 on Treasure Island with my sweet pea....great day!....and my first 5k! (2 comments) It was all about the happy this day! (1 comments) Saprk Friends!....besides, we're Sisters! (1 comments) My first game and my new friend mark! No clue who he is! hahahaha! a ride in the park.......classy, i might say! An Irish woman in San Francisco taking our picture. Can you IMAGINE? hahaha! (1 comments) releasing balloons over our head for the retiring of #20 #20 retired right above our heads Spark Divas...... look at us, we've come so far! (1 comments) Got ths ball! aaaaaah! nothin' like S.F.!!!!! Gorgeous~ Sweet Pea is sleeping in the green beans. so stinkin cute!!!!!!!! (1 comments) Sweet Pea's taking Over :-) (3 comments) WOW!!!! I made it to 40LBS DOWN today! What a great feeling! (5 comments) My jeffrey (i call him bug!) and my dog sweet pea! My favorite things in all the world! (2 comments) Blossom got a new toy.....Spray with catnip adn watch out :-) hahahahhahaaha! I LOVE music TOOOO!!!! YAY! What do you want? Do I look Cute, Huh? I love you!!!! (1 comments) OK, now I need a nap.... It's hard work being THAT cute! Christmas day with my aunt & uncles dog, Macy! She is such a fluff-bug! I love her! (1 comments) Mr Schulz' star (in Santa Rosa outsinde his museum) How Adorable! A mural painted in the forier of the Charles Schultz Museum....wonderful place! Glass Carving of Snoopy! He's realy gorgeous! Tile Mural madefrom peanuts comic strips. only black 1's were repeated to make th outline. ADORABLE! Good Grief...... :-) (1 comments) Me& Linus sittin in a tree...the kite eating tree, that is :-)hahahaha! Crosswrods anyone? How cute! Snoopy offering me cookies! That DOG! Woodstock & his cookie Snoopy offerring me cookies again!!!! ........I accepted......... (1 comments) The Dog House! :-) The Photographer LOVED sweet pea. She held her all the way thru the checkout holiday line! Really MOM?!?! Christmas dress....Iknow its wrong, but the pics came out so CUTE! She was so tired. (1 comments) This one's for you Jeanne! My little Lady loves him 2!i printed it out for her.she wont put him down (1 comments) 1st pic since starting SP.....DOWN 25LBS!!!!! Ya-hoo! (5 comments) momma, i'm thirsty! hahaha! (1 comments) Can i have a treat momma?......I'm waiting just like a good girl!....Hurry up! ......Innocent eyes. (3 comments) My Dog, My Friend(only pic i could find that kinda shows the weight b4 SP. dont have many photos... (1 comments) The first time we met, poor baby was so scared and hungry, she litterally jumped into my arms! (5 comments) pretty girl.... Sweet Pea (4 comments) I'm sorry, did I wake you? I CAN'T HEAR YOU...... (2 comments) Did You need something?.........My sweet girl Blossom. She saved my life. (2 comments) So nice and cozy warm in here, moma! (1 comments)

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