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Ugh...only hipsters instagram photos of themselves holding healthy cookbooks. ;) Torrid Adventures 10/9/12. They convinced me to try a skinny jean- this is my uncertain face. (253) (2 comments) I'm my own worst critic, but the proof is in the pudding. Wait... can I have pudding? Aw man... (1 comments) We talked about running and places we like to shop... just a true professional, this guy. Chopped. 12.15.12 (1 comments) My first birthday with Brandon... almost 1 year together! :) (2 comments) (4 comments) Mmm... Salad. :) (1 comments) Just me :) April 2010. Almost 10 # down! :) (1 comments) Aww! :D Crazy faces... June 2010 Optical illusion? Haha... 20+ down, rockin' the dressing room. :) LAWV! Hey, there cheekbones! 6/29/10 So I like moody closeup pictures. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it? July 2010 - Almost 30 down! :) (2 comments) Pic of a pic- not the best quality... but a rare glimpse @ my highest. 300+#. Dec '05 @ age 18 Creeping back up. The picture that changed everything- December 09. Around 290. The new me! 8/23/10 :) (4 comments) Thank you Sparkfriends for helping me get here! 40 pounds down, soon to have two-5K's under my belt! (2 comments) (1 comments) Proof: It was the happiest day of my life! (3 comments) Mr. & Mrs. Owens :) (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (Far Right) My alter-ego: Sandi Britches. My husband and I host and perform in Wilmington's Peepshow Cabaret( (3 comments) Who wouldn't LOVE a mustache glass? Goofin' off pre-show. Well hey there, cheekbones + jawline! Good to see ya again! 3/10/2012 .lawv. ...creepy lawv.... Yeah, yeah. So supah happy! A genuine before pic... no "slimming" angles. Just me. Size 18 Dress. Chubby hot chick at yo service. ;) "Such a pretty face..." (3 comments) A sign for when my husband tells me to make my own breakfast after Zumba. 100% success rate. 8/25/11 :) 9/18/12 :) 5/27/13... Third time around with this same 30 lbs! O__o I run for peace of mind, because I want to love myself more... and because cupcakes are delicious. After 7 miles at goal-pace and an hour of Zumba- this is my determined face. The first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem... I don't. So back off. (3 comments)

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