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Lucy's 9th birthday- 8/10/09 (7 comments) Weightview pic- projected weight, 198. Can't wait! LOL (10 comments) 8/16/2009- my 16's. :) Hate how fat I still look. LOL That blouse was tight on me before! (9 comments) YAY!!! Finally acheived the big 4-0! :) 9/10/2009 (4 comments) Disturbing how far I STILL have to go!! GRR --9/11/09-- 238 :) (6 comments) My boys- 9/09 (4 comments) New face shot-237 lbs (8 comments) New Years Eve--a few pounds up (241) (3 comments) Thanksgiving night :) (7 comments) 01/08/2010- I know- I have some big mama hips! lol (6 comments) I am still in shock, I finally got here! Now on to 60.:)1/30/10 (5 comments) 229 this AM, but feeling skinnier. :):) 2/07/2010 (6 comments) Me and my two oldest on Valentines day (3 comments) (6 comments) 28 weeks-- forgive the stupid look on my face-- I was trying to get the tummy.... lol (3 comments) May 2011 (3 comments) 226 but feeling fat. lol (4 comments) Me and my 2 lil' boys :) (2 comments) Jeysen Alex with all our kiddos :) (2 comments) X-mas 2008- my heaviest: 285. Look at those fat cheeks! (2 comments) Pay no attention to my crappy end-of-the-day make-up. Look at the difference in my face, from the Sa (18 comments) Whoo-hoo! I have wanted to put up one of these for soo long! 6-17-09 (1 comments) Man, my honey is hot! ( He's the tall one) (2 comments) My baby- sportin' cool hair! (2 comments) Getting ready for church, today-06/28/2009-258lbs (4 comments) Today, 07/24/2009--- 248 lbs (8 comments) Sheesh! Thought I was never going to get this one!! 7/18/2009 (1 comments) Me and my honey- 04/2008 (4 comments) Me, Lucy and Tobe. Mwwa, love you guys! (2 comments) Yes I am trying to hide behind my purse--Not workin so well! (4 comments) Playin around. I never actually wear red lipstick (13 comments) My Lucy- Boo, and her kitty, Max (1 comments) A bride for trick or treat (6 comments) My other baby, Toben Toben, baboben, :) (4 comments) Baby Drew under the table:) (3 comments) (2 comments) Just goofin' around, 10/04/08 (1 comments) Definitely too early for this!! (8 comments) Me and Lucy, I weighed about220-225 Goofin around w/ my honey (2 comments)

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