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My son and me - December 23, 2012 (3 comments) (1 comments) One tough chick! May 4, 2013 (3 comments) day 1012 of my streak for "Reward yourself 1 time per day" earned 12/17/2014 My son and I with Bouchon December 31, 2014 [I am wearing my hubby's thick green jacket!] (1 comments) Deuce the Prairie Dog and me (1 comments) Taken Easter 1997. My sports blog I write for fun. The Lady Gridiron C. 2015 My son is 18 years old today, and I am wondering where the time went. Jesus is risen! Hallelujah! All ready for testing this week! My classroom is back to normal! I have to avoid stinging nettle in my yard, or else I will have a reaction and spread the "wealth" all over like I did last summer. Grr!! I tried this yesterday, and I did not keel over. I did modified push-ups and low-impact jumping jacks to save my knees. is awake at 3:01 A.M. but would prefer to be asleep. Off to the recliner! Grr. is remembering 9/11 today. I crashed last night but was awake for nearly two hours before I fell asleep again. I must make sure I get to walk three or four times per week. I need that time outside! Banygirl is married now! I saw my son, and I made sure he had food to take with him on his return trip to school. I miss him terribly. This is my first iris of the season! I am glad it is Friday!!! I am dragging this morning, but it was worth it. My 19 yo son wanted to watch Nanny McPhee last night, and it started at 11:00 P.M. Sure thing, son! He is home for the summer from college, so every moment spent doing spontaneous goofy things is precious to me. It's National Iced Tea Day! It's National Corn on the Cob Day! I'll be celebrating later on today. This is me with my husband and son after lunch. We had been to the worship service first. #family It's National Jerky Day!!! #SummerBegins Roasted vegetables I serve during the summer months. I use McCormick's Vegetable Perfect Pinch. There are NEVER leftover veggies! It's National Graham Cracker Day!! Heading to church this morning. I love my one and only son. He is a blessing from God!!! Four miles today! #runkeeper I made beef enchiladas (cazuela) yesterday for lunch. My son was happy to eat seconds! I also did dumbbell flies, crunches, and stretching. I teach sixth graders, and I am earning my fellow educators for possible madness tomorrow. Rest up tonight! 😜 Christmas has officially been taken down at my little house on the prairie!! #BeforeAndAfter Eleven Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in School School picture 2009-2010 School picture 2010-2011 (1 comments) School Picture 2011-2012 (1 comments) School Picture 2012-2013 Just back from the salon! July 14, 2010 (1 comments) My husband and I at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum (4 comments) My husband and I at South Padre Island on July 31, 2011 (2 comments) My son and I at the Dallas Zoo on March 14, 2011 (3 comments) Spring green dress! (Spring 2009) With my Christmas tree in my classroom. (1 comments) Christmas present from my husband! :-) (4 comments) Woman in Red (1 comments) New haircut! (May 22, 2009) 11 July 2009 Easter 2010 - April 4, 2010 (1 comments) New school year! Outside of my classroom 8-26-2011 Reconnecting on Facebook

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