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(1 comments) This is Sis! Such a cute baby. Lives somewhere near me. (1 comments) We need to laugh every day! (1 comments) I have to remind myself! (1 comments) It's hiding in those little dumbells!!!! Thank You Spark People! A good reminder! YES!!! WE CAN!!! Please, Please, Please! (1 comments) Sooooooo! THAT'S my problem!!! LOL LETS DO THIS!!! Concieve, Believe, Action... Love this! So True for me!!! How about You? Surprised yourself lately? I need to print this and put it on the fridge! Yes, PLEASE! YES I DO!!!! I have trouble remembering this! It's so DOable! Just A Reminder! Exercise determines how the body LOOKS! (3 comments) Do You Know either of these Jacks? Webster in middle, Chambers on Rt (4 comments) During Viet Nam after medical training (official Air Force photo) (3 comments) At Hamilton AFB 1969 (2 comments) At Hamilton AFB 1969 (2 comments) This baby is now 32 yrs old! LOL (1 comments) Shells Alaska 1979 On Ferry To Seattle 2006 My Kitchen Stove Window over stove My custom 5' high bed My new lampshade! This blue vase hit me on the head! (2 comments) This from the vase! (1 comments) Montana Mountain Man! Only in Walmart! (1 comments) (4 comments) (2 comments) spring 09 (1 comments) summer 08 (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy to be Happy! March 2010 (7 comments) 3/27/10 (7 comments) 3/27/10 (3 comments) 3/27/10 (2 comments) Dyed my white hair... 209 pounds (1 comments) Enjoying time with my son Chris, Jan 22, 2011 (10 comments) (2 comments) This is where change begins! (2 comments) Life is soooo Good! (1 comments)

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