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See this image largerI weight more than I ever have in my whole life. I also have had asthma for 13 years. I have avoided weighing myself for so long.. On Friday into sat I had my first severe asthma attack. I had no idea what was happening because it’s never been this bad. At the hospital when they weighed me I was 242 lbs... I’m starting fresh and making my health a top priority. I know that I can do thisSee this image largerEnded the day with 1148 calories, arounds 90 oz of water, 9210 steps and a pumpkin painting date with this lil guy😍#slayedthedaySee this image largerLets do this ...See this image largerEat healthy today✅ log calories ✅ Walk after work✅ meet water goal✅ calories in 1764/ calories burn 1078 #slayedthedaySee this image largerReady to work... a teacher first thing this morning ask if I lost weight😃great way to start daySee this image largerHad a long day at work but planned accordingly... packed all three meals... didn’t eat anything at fall festival... # slayedthedaySee this image largerI Saturday how I love you.... happy Saturday!!!!See this image largerI need suggestions friends. I started a new lifestyle to lose weight and be healthier. It has been about two week now. I cut out all processed food, junk food and only drink black coffee or water. I’m broke out on my chest like a high school kid... help!See this image largerYummy lunch... this app has helped me so much.:: everyday is getting easier. I had packaged oatmeal this morning ugh. But the blessing is I never realized how sweet it is till today.. no more of thatSee this image largerGoing from a triple chin to a double... priceless🤣🤣🤣🤣See this image largerEver look at yourself and think gosh how did I get here? Me too:( one day at a time ... I’m making a goal to be under 200 lbs by Jan22... wish me luck and good luck to all of you... I can do thisSee this image largerSo happy to be down 20 lbs since Christmas... still have a lot to go but seeing a difference is wonderfulSee this image largerBeen a while since I have posted😊 I still on my weightless journey a day at a time.... I’ve also gotten really into health.... I am watching what I put into my body... no processed food... it takes a lot of prep a lot of storage containers... however being able to reach in refrigerator and pull out a quick bite is priceless....

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