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Christmas Day 2012 (3 comments) Let's Go Pens! (1 comments) Carly's Hospital Photo - 1.20.13 (12 comments) Smiling Carly (5.8.13) (8 comments) Let's Go Pens! (5.9.13) (11 comments) Pool Time (8 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) P & C (9.30.13) (4 comments) Carly's 1st Halloween () (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) me 1.29.14 (6 comments) (8 comments) 2014 Playoff Slogan - Buckle Up Baby (2 comments) Flower Power! (3 comments) Sledding was fun!! Carly's first time & she had a blast! (6 comments) Got me a nice Honda Accord, I love it! All set for my new job next week! (4 comments) They have 2015 5k shoes!! Brooks PureFlow (5 comments) Happy 18th birthday to my Emily! Oh the places you will go! xoxoxo (3 comments) Hope you're all having a great week! Stress a little, laugh a lot! (2 comments) Happy 14th birthday to my Chad!! Such an awesome young man! Have a great day everyone! (2 comments) Brrr, that was cold!! (5 comments) it's HUMP day! and the start of the nhl playoffs...sure has been a while... (2 comments) Let's go Pens!! Beautiful morning, great for playing at the park... (3 comments) Smile! Smiling is the best way to face every problem, crush every fear, to hide every pain. ((HUGS)) (5 comments) Home from the ER with Carly... 3 stitches :-( (7 comments) Happy Mother's Day to all the SP moms! Hope you're having a great day! ((HUGS)) (3 comments) Happy Memorial Day! (3 comments) Pool time & some tennis! Been a great day with my kids! (3 comments) today is a new day... She did it! I'm so proud of her! (5 comments) Happy Tuesday my friends! Make the most of the day you've been given!! (6 comments) Have a great Tuesday my friends! Be goofy, have fun! (2 comments) Good morning from Pittsburgh! Have a great day my friends! ((HUGS)) (4 comments) Had an awesome mini vacation in Erie! (3 comments) Beautiful skies this morning... Nice change from all the rain! Have a wonderful week my friends! OK, I'm done. I'm done eating whatever I want, complaining about my weight, not running, blah, blah, blah. I'm back :-) (7 comments) why hello day 2...ready, set, go! (3 comments) is trying to prep for my grocery trip tonight! And stretching to get taller... (3 comments) Went to the Farmers Market this morning, got so many freggies! Home from pool time with my kiddos. Time for a nap so we can all hit the drive in later to see the Minions movie!! (2 comments) fun, exhausting weekend! Back to the grind now...let's do this Monday! (2 comments) It's not Friday, but I'll still take it! Have a great day my friends! ((HUGS)) (2 comments) 3 days til night nation!!! Got my glow gear, can't wait!! (1 comments) Picked up our race packets!!! (1 comments) Home from Night Nation! Awesome time with my older kiddos our first 5k together! (4 comments) Back home after an awesome weekend with the family. Visited Knoebels, my childhood amusement park! (2 comments) this shall be me later today, post surgery! LOL! (2 comments) Sleep well my friends & have a great week ahead! (2 comments) goal yesterday was 1,500 calories, but after tracking, hit 2,000. This is why tracking is important! Found the problem areas = knowledge! (5 comments) I miss running - goal for this weekend is to RUN! Happy Thursday my friends! ((HUGS)) at least it's Wednesday, right? ((HUGS)) (1 comments) Hit the half way mark on my goal of losing 10 lbs this month! Woohoo! (2 comments) Heinz Field from Mt. Washington Mom's 60th Bday Party! I'm on the right. (5 comments) Car Show - August 2010 (3 comments) Emily @ Heinz Field - Steelers Pep Rally 1.28.2011 (4 comments) Hill to the gym! (3 comments) Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington (2 comments) Preston & I at the Pittsburgh Zoo (5 comments) Station Square - May 2011 (1 comments) My brother and I - October 2011 (5 comments) Until You Spread Your Wings, You'll Have No Idea How Far You Can Walk Emily Floating - Memorial Day 2012 (2 comments) Chad - June 2012 (2 comments) Lifeguard Emily - June 2012 (2 comments) Cousins, 2012 (Preston is wearing the glasses) (3 comments) Clapton snuggling with Randal (4 comments) Playing Guitar with Daddy (5 comments) Let's Go Pens! (3 comments)

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