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Collage of before pictures - at least 253 lbs in 2009/10 9/28/2012 - 202.4 (want to get back here first) (1 comments) October 2014 - Probably close to my current weight of 243. One of my favorite pictures of B and I - Jan 2014. (2 comments) knows the struggle is real. (1 comments) Shortest I've ever had it cut and I love it! (1 comments) At my lowest weight in my life - 17, around 135lbs Kal: "Is this how you do a crunch, Momma?" (1 comments) This is Felix. He's 9 as of Jan 2010. First cat I have owned - got him as a kitten. Tiger is also 9. He came in as a play buddy for Felix. He's now a grumpy old man cat. Don Juan Quixote. He's a loverboy with me, but is a little bit of a bully to some of the other cats. Winry - my tiny girl. Well, she's getting kind of fat now. She follows me everywhere. Bagheera - the big boy, the bulldog. Super skittish, with a hilarious tiny meow Magellan, or "Maggie" - He's a big baby, gets jealous a lot, and wags his tail. Oreo - Such a sweet, quiet boy. He does not get along well with the other cats except the kitten. Scamper - the floofy aloof queen of the bunch. She despises Oreo for some reason. Sidonia - no trouble out of her. Very quiet, very sweet, she loves to snuggle in laundry. Reapicheep - The kitten & latest addition. He's cute, spoiled rotten, and tries to climb everything! Betsy - one of my original three. Crossed the bridge in Nov. 2007 due to cancer. Miyazaki/ "Miya" - Was 17 when she passed in 2009 due to cancer. Hated the other cats, loved people. Pepper - Sweet cat with numerous health problems. Passed in Oct. 2010 due to heart murmur. (1 comments) Izumi - just loved being petted. Passed away on Christmas Day 2010 due to leukemia.

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