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fall biking at Salem Lake stay on your side (1 comments) tailgating go Panthers (1 comments) is having a FRIDAY is jealous of THIS tailgating spot is going to doggie school today (1 comments) is looking at pics of my future major league nephew's first ever teeball game happy mother's day morning knee rehab done - it seems to go faster when I don't get so much help though is down 2.5 pounds in 8 days and calling it a major WIN swagger It's National Cancer Survivors Day so for all of us who have fought the battle or are fighting now hollah http://www.ncsd.org/ This is backwards. This is exactly backwards and you've used part #100214 instead of part #110115 I have to do everything planning my vacation like: I have made it through security and am waiting to board playing my "mood jack mix" on the noise canceling headphones. I still hate flying but I've made it this far. is heading back to work after vacation is berry moscow mule south kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon Happy 4th is sunburned - made a rookie mistake that there is no excuse for kickin' it in Vegas has successfully navigated the farmer's market - mission heirloom tomatoes is heading off on a little two day mission to the newly acquired family farm - may be offline - not so much used to that sort of thing is taking my little buddy to get knee surgery today - poor baby When you show the hubs that Tostitos are 20 calories a chip 20 pounds down - halfway to goal and first day heading to work in back of the closet pants that used to be too small snorkeling in the keys I was always intimidated by farmers markets but I'm getting the hang of it and even the hubs said this was amazing. He picked out the squash but baby steps. #deliciousdailymoment its eclipse day is off today for eclipse day Biked through the pride festival today. Note that we did nothing for those beads but smile and say thank you Biked through the pride festival today. Note that we did nothing for those beads but smile and say thank you is back home from vacation with over 200 work emails to ignore for one more day (1 comments) is heading to the pool today - crazy week back from vaca but that's how it goes cuddly took the dog for a walk, he lost interest while I was suiting up for the cold and went out the back to take care of some personal business Happy New Year today is the day my study gets organized (1 comments) It’s Friday eve is off today and running errands - first stop was a wellness visit aka wrestling match (1 comments) is unsure how to log this morning's blueberry muffin portions since it was shared well and a Happy Earth Day indeed Oh man we spent the day doing yard work and I ate a whopper WITH fries for lunch. I don't even want to log it (shudder). There goes yesterday's hour long swim clinic. - well mom the lady slipper you gave me years ago is still hanging in there is having a fantastic morning and i'm going to be a tick late to work today swan at Bass Lake in Blowing Rock, NC (3 comments) (1 comments) Hog Jog 2012 (1 comments) Hog Jog 2012 cropped Hog Jog finish coming into T2 in the rambling rose triathlon the finish line - i see it i see it rambling rose tri whew (1 comments) me and my little buddy at a 5k NOTHING like crossing the finish line of a marathon (3 comments) Sometimes - yea I rather enjoy a rainy day running pooh work running team - all smiles clearly pre-race sunrise at work - not quite worth getting up early for but nice anyway hiking with my guys frisbee

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