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139.5....impromptu witch for work. The dress is a size 16 I found in my basement w/ tags on! Perfect to tie up w/ a belt for a costume! 137.5 - 11/17/09 - 50 pounds DONE!! Never thought I'd get to this point in my wildest dreams...I'm proof, dreams do come true! :) (7 comments) Me & hubby on a rare night out 11/21/09 - 137 (7 comments) Freezing at the gulf of Mexico in FLA 2/23/10 (5 comments) Might be the only pic you will ever see me on a beach! Hahaha!! (4 comments) My little man on his Communion Day! 5-1-10 (2 comments) 7/1/2010 - me and my boys (3 comments) Me and my youngest - 7/2/2010 - 137 7/31/10 - 136 lbs....being a cornball at a wedding. The place just screamed "POSE!" (3 comments) My men & me! 12/4/10 (6 comments) Pumpkin pickin' Oct 2007 - easy 187 lbs 3 year Sparkivesary! 2/07/11 - 131 lbs. (4 comments) 5/7/11 - sister's wedding & 129. New goal: wear this every year on the same day...forever! LoL (10 comments) Me & my guy...1996 before pic (me~190, him~240) - 2011 after pic (me~130, him~140) (14 comments) Sept 2011- - dressed up for a doo-wop dance (5 comments) (5 comments) 4/21/12 - Son's Communion Day (I'm - 132ish) (2 comments) March 2013 - 5 years on Spark - age 40 - 132 (4 comments) Summer 2003 - A before pic of me (190 lbs) and my husband (240 lbs) (3 comments) June 2014 - An after pic of me (133) & hubby (155) - on Maintenance together for at least 3 years. (8 comments) 2/2015 @ 135. How time flies!! I have another pic on here from 2007 with we have both changed! (3 comments) 8/8/15 - Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K fun! (5 comments) Tofu's what WASN'T for dinner. :P (9 comments) Camping ingenuity!!! We literally raised the roof! Whoop whoop!! My bracelet says "Unbreakable" and was given to me by a Sparkfriend years ago. #bestgiftever (2 comments) 10,000 steps around the campground loop! Feels great!! (5 comments) My shirt today...enough said. 8 years ago I joined Sparkpeople at 187 pounds and changed my habits...because my kids deserve a healthy & happy mom. (4 comments) Happy Columbus Day!! A relaxing weekend camping with family and friends was the perfect way to recharge this busy girl! That's me!!! It's a screen shot to commemorate the day :) pretty cool :) (5 comments) Fun weekend moving our friend into her house!! Ended with a beautiful morning walk! (1 comments) Fun time moving my friend into her house...and a great walk this morning too! (4 comments) Keeeeeen-Waaaaa! It's what's for dinner since there is nothing in the house...and I'm the only one who's gonna eat it. Garlic, shallots & EVOO. Tomorrow morning, the rest that's plain is going to be my hot morning breakfast with a banana sliced in. (5 comments) Keen-waaaaaa part deux! Much better for me as a hot breakfast cereal! A little sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and milk. Yummy :) (1 comments) Once in a blue moon I get a workout in like this. Headphones on, good tunes, just move and forget what's in front of me. Hope you have one like this today too! (1 comments) Talk about motivation!! This hangs in my dungeon where I workout...been there for at least 7 years :) Love it! I should have dug the shallow grave a little deeper...dang!! just leftover soup bones found by some raccoons last night ;) lol Bone's all the rage! Some things I just don't tucking in my shirts! Living on the edge today! (6 comments) I got a cowbell as a gift! I've always wanted one! So many uses for celebrating things!!! (3 comments) The morning after Halloween... (5 comments) Smoke a turkey...feed the family of 5 for 4 meals!! Homemade is the way to go...and it's portion control too! Win-win! First fire of the season!!!! (4 comments) I saw the article about does mine look? mmMMMmmmm LMAO a little bit was still good after you got down to the green ;) (5 comments) #prayforParis Nothing like Fall, chili in the crockpot, family, and football on the tv! (6 comments) Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thankful I only have to make the pies! Enjoy your day!! (3 comments) The tree is up! And cut from our own yard! A 20 footer trimmed down to 7 feet. Not too bad! (1 comments) My snack The muppets are back on I guess it's trending in the fashion world!! LoL #fur #cookiemonster (3 comments) Ready for an intimate sit down dinner for 30! Merry Christmas! (4 comments) My special elf on the shelf is ready for company! Fancy fancy!! And still going........ Ending the year right. (4 comments) Happy New Years Sparkpeople!!! Make this year a great one!!! (5 comments) Time for a hike with my new cold weather gear beanie...that has a opening for my ponytail!!!! Love it! (1 comments) Second day of exploring our own back yard...a state park that we never use!!! (4 comments) No flair needed for this beauty. 5.75 mile hike...720 Cals....90 minutes. (2 comments) Saw this online.....very funny and very true 😀😀 (2 comments) Goofing around and snapped a pic. My 9 year old said it was weird, crazy & awesome. Then he had me add a goofy pep face :) lol If you eat it...TRACK IT!!! 8 years on Spark. Lost over 50 pounds. On Mx for 5. NEVER gave up bacon. An end to the day....home....I'll take it 😃 (5 comments) Staring at my tv (3 comments) Gonna have a treat? Like this espresso vodka, splash of Bailey's, splash of chocolate syrup concoction? After a shoveling marathon? Make it all count! The cals, the feeling, the reason. Track it all in the nutrition & fitness tracker. #noguilt #storm2016 (3 comments) Started raking the back bed...which led me to the pool yard and the ornamental grasses that needed trimming. Me vs. them. They got me good, but I won. (5 comments) That's my son picking me up and carrying me....he's 11 and has always been super strong even as a baby! Part 2 of my super strong son's pic of picking my up and carrying me...he's one of the billion reasons I decided to change and get healthy!! So proud of us both! (4 comments) (1 comments) Ok sparkpeps....I'm real. I drink wine. Everything in moderation, right? Right. If I drink it and like it....I'm gonna pass the info on to you. This is a good one. Fruity, doesn't linger too long like some reds. Worth the Cals in the tracker. Happy Friday!! (2 comments) (3 comments) Do you think they'd notice at work???? (6 comments) That goes for anything in life. Be passionate! (1 comments) Bestest Mother's Day present ever!!!!!!!!! Now I can get back into the game! Tried it out and so good! (3 comments) From communion day to confirmation day!! Same kid...Same dress! #maintenance #nsv #woohoo (5 comments) From 2010 to 2016...same dress, same kid!! Communion to confirmation! This dress was mother tested and kid approved for this occasion...he thought it was kinda cool! Love him! (6 comments) Go ahead.....ask Siri 😂😂 (4 comments) Come on everyone!!! Show me your flip flop feet!!!! Summer is here!! (3 comments) Dirty diving board and Bud light product placement. Have a good weekend everyone! (2 comments) Very proud...installed a brand new sink, cabinet, & faucet set in the bathroom all by myself! Such a sense of accomplishment! I did it!!!!!!!! (7 comments) Motivation for the day Eating with a crappy plastic fork definitely is a good tip for a lifestyle change because you have no choice but to slow your eating down :) (3 comments) Summer's over....storm coming during Labor Day = getting yard ready for fall a few days early (1 comments) Planning ahead: 3 chicken roasters bought = tonight's dinner + tomorrow's chicken pot pie + chicken stock for soup in the future #planahead (1 comments) Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!! Spark on!! (4 comments) Fun sledding with my family at 8:30am!! A giant hill all to ourselves! Exercise for the day is done! Soooo much fun! (5 comments) Woohoo! Great community feed! Here are the 3 best reasons I have to stay on Spark doing Maintenance!! (2 comments) Something I found earlier in the year...nice to pass along to my fellow Sparkers! #moderation is key! If you snack it - track it! Happy Friday everyone! Sparkcheers! Just because you just can't take things too seriously sometimes ?? Gooooood morning!!!!! Over an hour waiting for a rent a car that has already been paid for and reserved online...good who is doing yoga moves in the holding pen? ME!!! Making the best of an annoying situation Would really like to know how many calories I've burned walking and standing on line for hours at 3 theme parks in the last 3 days...let me know if there is any way to calculate that one!! One of the last vacation pics I took yesterday, before coming home today...a great time was had by all! #blessed #my3sons Ok this one is pretty bad...about as bad as the 5 burpees I just did 😂😂 but sometimes, it just has to this corny pic 😂 Good morning! A room with a view and a cool breeze on my face to start the day! Have a great one! GOOD MORNING!!!!! (2 comments) And now a shout out to my coffee cohorts on here!! @marinemama @1crazydog @ctyonit @jeanknee to tag just a few!! GOOD MORNING!!!!!!! 😃 Morning on the beach = happiness Legs up a wall pose is a new favorite of mine. It's calming even though it looks kinda weird...reminds me of being a little kid while reading a book in bed with my feet up the wall 😁😁 Check it out for yourself! 😁😁 New knee pain as of right now...feeling #optimistic Never forget (1 comments) Columbus Day weekend camping trip tradition - so far I've walked 5 miles - 2 of which were on the beach with my crew. #familyfirst #camping #beach #happyplace 😂😂😂 Vegetable soup made for the week - chock full of all things good for you! #easylunch An impromptu night out to see my BIL and his band play...shared all the treats amongst 4 and we still had leftovers!! Tracked it all as best as I could too 😁 Being with people I love was the biggest treat ever! Happy Valentine’s Day! 😁 My general rule of thumb for this month.... is embodying this My birthday pic just in from the snow - 03-02-09 - 147 lbs. (1 comments) 4/17/09 - weight 150 lbs. (1 comments) 6/18/09 - Family shot (1 comments) 10 Year Wedding anniversary - 1 Year Maintenance Anniversary - 150 lbs (2 comments) A couple shot...still waiting for the wedding to begin! (3 comments) Me and my youngest on 12/2/07 - 187 March 2008 Age35 - 1 month Sparking and now 177 - Fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years! Feb 7, 2008 - The Great Haircut...the day I joined SP at 187 lbs. (2 comments) Probably one of the only times with straight hair! April 4, 2008 - 168 and feeling great! May 2 - 163 pounds and no longer considered obese. I'll take it! 5/19/08-160 9/16/08 -146 (1 comments) 150! Big Goal MET!! 7/23/08 7/23/08 - 150 Just for fun!! (7 comments) A long way from Dec 07 A motivational tool "#1 Mom" sign - 9/16/08 & 146 lbs. (1 comments)

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