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This young deer who has been hanging out in our back yard has grown some antlers! Fun! Cat posted this on my 68th birthday 1-17-2016. I'm saving it here - LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Christmas 2015 - my family! I'm wearing a purple hat (that's me in the back middle row) because January is my birthday month! My grandson Caleb November 2015 - age 15! My grandson Josh November 2015 - age 12! I love this circular staircase in the Vatican Museum. That's me near the middle. (1 comments) Coffee time in Rome - bars in Rome are a bit different than bars in the U.S.A. Michelangelos David - its WAY bigger than I expected it to be! Phil and me - Borghese Gardens Rome Italy Oct. 2015 In Rome, Italy October 2015 - Borghese Gardens. In Rome, Italy October 2015 - Borghese Gardens. A Panorama inside the Colossium. Rome, Italy October 2015 Colossium Mass at St. Peters Square October 18th, 2015 - the Pope conducted a high mass. Pope at High Mass Oct. 18th, 2015 Pope greets the audience after High Mass. Phil and me - early morning in St. Peters Square - Rome Italy October 2015 Pisa, Italy October 2015 My favorite Yosemite photo! (1 comments) Me and my DD Brandy Christmas 2014 (5 comments) On vacation August 2014 is getting ready to leave for Texas next week - I can't wait! This is me and my sister Ruth, who I'll be visiting. (2 comments) is home from our sister reunion - we had an amazing time!! (1 comments) Monument Valley Switzerland My grandson Caleb February 2015 - love this photo! This Tom turkey was wooing the ladies in Cades Cove - isn't he beautiful? At Abrams Falls - Great Smoky Mountains Park-me and Phil with our grandsons Caleb and Josh Apr 2015 Me and Phil on the West Prong Trail - Great Smoky Mountains April 2015 (1 comments) Relaxing by the river after our hike up to Chestnut Top-Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park 4_23_15. (1 comments) We are home from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park - what an awesome hiking vacation we had! (1 comments) Me and Monica 2014 (2 comments) Me and Cat at my house March 24, 2014 (8 comments) Me and Cat with her daughter Rachel March 24, 2014 At Alabama's Cheaha State Park Sept. 2014 Bears in Cade's Cove - Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park April 2015. Middle Prong Trail Smokies April 2015 Middle Prong Trail Smokies April 2015 Grotto Falls in the Smokies April 2015 A cabin in Cades Cove Smoky Mtn Natl Park 4-2015 Horeses in Cades CoveSmoky Mtn Natl Park 4-15 Cades Cove Smoky Mtn Natl Park April 2015 Spruce Flats Falls - Tremont at Smoky Mtns Natl Park April 2015 February 11 2015 Hiking on the Pinhoti Trail at Cheaha State Park in Alabama. Cheaha Falls Feb 10 2015 - really flowing! (2 comments) Phil and me at Cloudland Canyon State Park Oct. 2012 (4 comments) Phil and I hiked up to this arch at Canyonlands National Park - May 2011. A great memory!! (3 comments) What weight loss REALLY looks like for most of us! Marilyn at the Eiffel Tower Oct 2013 (12 comments) At the Louvre Oct. 2013 (2 comments) Mountain top in Lucerne Switzerland Oct 2013 (5 comments) Phil and me in Ireland (at Giants Causeway) in November 2009. (7 comments) Phil and me at Sequoia National Park March 2013 (3 comments) On the Stanford Point Trail-Yosemite (1 comments) Halfway up to Inspiration Point - Yosemite. My motto (ok I confess - I have a number of them!) 2012 - Home from the Victorian Tea (1 comments) Me and Brandy after the tea (in our Red and Pink Hats) (4 comments) Posing in our hats March 2012 (4 comments) Me and Brandy after the tea (in our Red and Pink Hats) 3-2012 Me at Cheaha (4 comments) My older grandson Caleb - first day in the pool for 2014! Josh (my younger grandson) - First day in the pool 2014! Senior picture (don't you just LOVE those glasses LOL?) (7 comments) Me and Brandy when she was 8 months old (I was 26). (2 comments) Kay (TexasKatey) and me at Stone Mountain August 2012 (2 comments) Sunset on the beach behind the condo we stayed in - Seagrove Beach, FL 2012 (8 comments) A good life lesson. In front of the Leaning Tower at Olympic Park in Montreal, Canada August 2011 Phil loved this hat at a market in Budapest! (6 comments) Marilyn at Olympic Park In Budapest, Hungary while on tour - November 2011 (6 comments) Eagle we see from our dock. (6 comments) My Vision of my Life (1 comments) A grand view of the Grand Canyon with Phil and me (3 comments) (1 comments) With our friends Jack and Jackie 2010. (1 comments) Before - Jan. 10, 2012 (12 comments) Phil and me (front right) on the great wall while on our tour of China - Sept 2010! (1 comments) The Bird's Nest-from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Sept. 2010) Caleb and Josh (my grandsons) Oct. 2011 at Callaway Gardens (1 comments) Christmas 2008 - Phil and me with our grandsons, Caleb and Josh. (3 comments) Labor Day 2010 - Caleb and Josh at Callaway Gardens Balloon Fest. Me with Caleb and Josh at Callaway Gardens in late April - in the Azelia Bowl. 2010 (3 comments) Boudreuax checking to be sure Caleb is o.k. 2010 (1 comments) Boudreaux down at the dock (4 comments)

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