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An amazing picture my sister took of a postered wall in La Rambla, Barcelona, in October. Me, myself, and moi, taken by my sister in the Park Guell in Barcelona. At 220 lbs, Oct. 2008. My sister's maroon shoe and my red one on our respective feet. Sabrina and Pascal joined many others in defacing cacti in Parc Guell, Barcelona. Still together? Still from Now Voyager--Charlotte Vale is my inspiration to transform myself. Passive Aggressive Flow Charts RULE. (1 comments) From "The Animal Kingdom" (1932) Because pre-code movies are incredible. "The Bitter Tea of General Yen" (1932) Featuring miscegenation, kidnapping, rape and Stanwyck! Kathe Kollwitz--Die Eltern (The Parents) The Rhein Maidens Albrecht Durer wing Ivan Billibin Jin--complete with hangover from Samurai Champloo *fangirly sigh* Albrecht Durer's Little Owl All About My Mother--directed by Pedro Almodovar Fred Astaire!!!!! Ivan Bilibin illustration of The Red Horseman for Vasilissa the Beautiful Ever get this mood? Bilibin's The Little Mermaid The Fourth Doctor (1 comments) Yomiko Readman IN MY ROOM! Looks like my sister... Astaire and Rogers "Dancing Cheek to Cheek," costumes by Irene Bilibin illustration Green Wing cast The Gay Divorcee, the first film I saw with Astaire and Rogers Big, medium and little totoros with Mei and Satsuki. *Awwww* (1 comments) Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife Ahhh, carrot sticks. My favorite! Henri Rousseau--A Carnival Evening Ursula! From Kiki's Delivery Service. Yomiko Readman--The Paper! Me, in our snowy Swiss backyard this morning. January 5, 2010, 202 pounds. I'm A Cyborg, But That's O.K. (1 comments) Nausicaa Marc Chagall 1940's Pride and Prejudice FAB-ulous Prop. 8 Protester Babyface Carol Levy Green Wing and The HOT HOT HOTNESS Juste une drole foto (1 comments) Beautiful Painting Marc Chagall-Blue Lovers (1 comments) Alice Neel painting that looks like my teacher--one of my role models Adam and Eve, Suzanne Valadon Ursula from Kiki's Delivery Service--the fictional character I whose life I would love to lead (1 comments)

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