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(2 comments) My garden!! Looking forward to fresh veggies this summer!! (2 comments) My garden!! Looking forward to fresh veggies this summer!! First grape tomatoes from the garden!! Yummy!! Some cucumbers may be ready in a few days!! (1 comments) Good morning!! Fresh from the garden!! Yummy!! (1 comments) Here is my garden for this year. I planted cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli and green beans. I also planted my flowers today too. A new accomplishment for me! Fresh beans from my garden! Can't wait to eat them! This is my first time planting beans. Now waiting on the rest of my veggies! More goodies from my garden! First grape tomatoes from the garden! They lasted long enough for the picture! They are so yummy 😋 OMG! I'm so excited about my broccoli from my garden!! This is what I picked from the garden today! There were 8 more cucumbers too that didn't fit in the picture! Lol! My hubby gave me these beautiful flowers for our anniversary! ❤️ Another good day in the garden! 😋 I got all these yummy veggies at my local produce stand for $9. We'll be doing some good eating!!! 😋 I'm feeling good today!! I had a great workout!! I ran an 11 minute mile. I ran a little over 2 miles today. Im so excited considering the other day my average was 14:24!! Had to go to urgent care this evening. My son fractured his finger 😕 Still getting goodies from the garden!! There were also 4 cucumbers Got a few steps in!! Love this Happy New Year!! I'm starting out 2018 at 160 lbs. That's 8 lbs lighter than last year but my goal is to be 135 lbs by the end of the year. I can do this! Meet our new addition to the family. This is Sage. She's an 11 week old Labrador retriever. My other dog Bella is not a happy camper about her!! Added another 0.5 miles to my run and ran at a 9:55 pace. Feeling great 👍 I did pretty good with my food today! I had a very good day!!! NSV!!!! This shirt used to be skin tight on me!! I'm so happy!! I'm in Washington DC for a nursing conference. I got some serious stepping done today including a fun run/walk this morning.

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