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Finally introducing myself to my Spark friends (6 comments) Me and my husband - 25 years of a blessed marriage (3 comments) Feeling silly while our son takes lots of pictures (3 comments) Loving my sweetie! (2 comments) My awesome husband gave me a laptop for our 25th anniversary! So sweet!! (2 comments) Beautiful Anniversary Flowers from a Wonderful Friend! (1 comments) 25th Anniversary Picture of My Husband and I (3 comments) Boston Red Sox Game - Can you see my Red Sox Earrings?! (Red Sox baseball hanging in a Heart) (2 comments) My son and I on his 19th birthday - We always have our picture taken at 6:08 PM when he was born. (6 comments) My Sweetheart and I enjoying a beautiful autumn day (3 comments) My husband and I enjoying autumn on a beautiful October day! (1 comments) The Christmas tree that God gave to us for only $20.00! (3 comments) My son spring 2010 (2 comments) Another picture of my son - looking cool in his "shades" =) (3 comments) The lilacs in our back yard (for you Leslie) (1 comments) We have a family of bunnies in our yard that are so cute - here's a little one with my flowers (1 comments) Our Sun Room at Christmas time (I love palm trees and have the room decorated in a tropical theme) (2 comments) Our Kitty - who endures much "attention" from my son - Whiskers is wearing a Christmas ornament lol (1 comments) My Kitty named Whiskers - photo taken by talented nephew who won an award for this picture!! (1 comments) (1 comments) There are treasures along the least taken path…surprises, accomplishments, attained goals and sweet memories proving that you dared to trod where you never dreamed you could. At every bend you wondered what exciting thing is around that next corner…just out of reach. That is what pushed you forward – to discover steps not taken before – whether the path narrows or widens you keep going accepting the challenges and joys that await you and you alone are the only one who can discover them. (2 comments) Max, Charlotte and Babies (1 comments) I love Corvettes!! Wish I could just ride in one once! Maybe someday! This is my Step-By-Step vision collage. Each of these photos motivate and inspire me to keep on my journey. Each goal I have begins with a step and another and another...Each pair of shoes represents an occasion I look forward to enjoying once I have reached my goal. Notice the pair of sandals on the dock - that's me now, taking a step in the right direction - moving towards the future of a life changed. (1 comments)

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