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April 2014 - after losing 58 pounds and feeling so much better! Still more to go....

2009 just about or at my highest weight ever!

I want to feel free of my weight issues..




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June 7, 2014 -
237.4 only 43 pounds to reach my "ideal" weight! Down 65.6 lbs., the most I've ever lost. Am I happy? Yes. Do people notice? Yes. Am I afraid? Yes! Will I gain this ALL back plus the dreaded 20? I sure hope not!
It seems to me that "numbers" have finally clicked in my brain. You have to eat 3500 calories to GAIN 1 pound so if you never eat 3500 calories in one day, you CANNOT gain weight, it's that simple! What on earth was I shoveling into my mouth to get 108 pounds overweight?
By wearing my activity tracker 24/7, I know each day exactly how much I am moving or not moving. I track what I am eating too and together, these two are telling me how many calories in and how many are going out. I am making better food choices but can still enjoy foods I like. I refuse to eat like a rabbit! Eating like a rabbit is unrealistic for me, been there, done that and gained everything back.
I have learned that I MUST track my food AND my steps in order to know exactly where I am each day.

March 20, 2014
My goal this month was to reach 240 by April 1st. I weighed myself at the Dr's office yesterday and to my own surprise, I had dropped to 249.9!! Reaching 240 by the 1st is unrealistic at this point, but I was THRILLED, jumping up and down, yahooing at the office yesterday. I have not been under 250 for oh, maybe 10 or so years? Now I don't have to worry about what chairs I may sit in, especially those plastic summer, outdoor chairs of which one once broke beneath me!
I attach my Spark Activity tracker to my underwear every day just as I do brushing my teeth, it's part of my daily routine. I now know how much activity I am doing OR not doing. Getting off some of this weight has helped me knee pain, it makes me feel like I can move easier and I want to move more. I don't want to sit inside all the time anymore like I used to do.
Have I been tempted? Oh yes! Have I failed? Oh yes! But I have gotten right back on track ASAP. I must do this or my life is in danger this time around.

January 31, 2014

After a few illnesses and a wake up call that my life is more than half over, I finally got serious about getting this weight off! I have no gym membership and have lost my weight on my own without a workout buddy or gym. I've changed my eating habits, stopped the constant snacking, stopped drinking coffee all day long and drink water all day long. (I stopped drinking soda about 17 years ago.) When out eating, I try to be conscious of my food choices. I asked my mom to buy the spark activity tracker as my Christmas gift this past year and she did! I wear the tracker every day and it keeps me motivated and reminds me when I am NOT moving enough. I had major surgery in early December and waked a full mile a week after surgery! it took forever but I got out and walked. My only fear at this time is the summer heat coming and how will I keep myself motivated and moving for the duration of the Arizona heat? I haven't felt this good in years.... I want to get below 200 pounds which would be a dream for me! I NEVER want to gain all that weight back again because when I do, I always gain it and more.

November 21, 2009
After the discovery of even more health issues, I am now at my HIGHEST weight of my life. It makes me sad that just about 18 months ago, I was so close to my goal.

How, how, how can I do this again? How can I do it for the last time? Can I diet forever? If not, forever isn't going to be that long anyway. Last night, I was thinking, at this weight, do I even have 10 years left? A very scary thought. Nothing fits, I don't want to leave my house. I'm embarassed.

January 4, 2009
Yahoo! Sparks has a bootcamp & contest which starts today! I just joined. I reset all my stats, weight and measurements last night not knowing this was available. Can't wait to see the results!

January 3, 2009
Today I went back to step one here at Sparks. I have to begin the year anew and get SERIOUS with my weightloss goals. I began tracking again as I am not as smart as I thought without the food tracking.

Since I've been sick, my return to the gym has been delayed but I should be ready to start again next week. I weighed and measured myself this morning and updated all my information. It makes me sick that I have gained 30 pounds since May and 4" in my hips! If I didn't put my foot down now, where would I be by next Christmas? Yikes!

December 16, 2008
When I started at Sparks in February, I was excited that a week from now I WOULD be at my goal weight! I started off so well losing 13 pounds in the first 2 months and I was thrilled. Soon, I had to stop all of the gym activities I was doing because my body with all my health issues just couldn't handle it all. I still ate correctly but couldn't do any more then water classes.

A year ago Thanksgiving, my beloved cat Tigger died at age 18. Then in March, our beloved dog, Wendy who was about 14, also passed away. In August, we lost yet a third beloved family member, Dali, another 18 year old cat. We were left with just my personal favorite, Kiki, my 18.5 year old and original cat. Well, last month Kiki was getting lethargic and wasn't eating much. I took him to the vet and got blood and urine tests. I was told he needed all his teeth removed as he had an abcess and bad teeth. I was also informed he was into renal disease. The vet couldn't tell me how long Kiki might have. I gave him two rounds of antibiotics and as soon as they were over, he began to spring back to normal! We decided on no surgery at his age, just give him the best of life for what he might have left. Kiki is now just about back to his old self, following me like a shadow all over the house.

All the above events have caused me so much stress in my mind. As I began to accept the loss of my Kiki, I was so disturbed that I could do nothing except cry and nibble to alleviate my stress. I've now gained what I lost plus 15 pounds in just over 4 months. How terribly hard it was to lose yet it was so EASY to gain! My doctor asked me WHY id I gain weight? Easy, bad choices taste better, right? I'm so sick about all of this. Pants I wore just weeks ago won't close.

I AM getting my act back together. I plan on returning to the gym tonight for my water class. I AM going to start eating properly, TODAY. I musn't allow this set back to get my weight back to my all time high before I wake up! I am the Gilbert Team leader but feel like I have not been a good example at all.

Will you help me? Will you encourage me?

August 8, 2008
I too have changed my ticker as did Idahomom. I'm hoping this will make me feel like I have "less" weight to lose to get to goal. Looking around, I can see how many of us are struggling with staying on track. I can't wait to get rid of this cold so I can get back in the pool. I WILL miss getting to sleep in every morning; I get up at 6:30am for my swim classes.

August 7, 2008
I did so well my first 2 months here at Sparks, losing 13 pounds. Now, I find myself slipping back into old habits. I know that if I do not change my habits to a new lifestyle, I am doomed to re-gain weight. In the past 2 months, I've gained all but 2.5 back of the 13 which I originally lost. WHY?? I have missed more water classes then I would like to due to illness, pain or being needed at home. The past 2 weeks I've been really sick and I have no idea when I can return to the pool. I miss it and know that when I return, it will be like starting over.
Eating wise, I AM getting better at not emotionally or mindlessly eating at night while watching TV. What I am doing is eating MORE then I should when I do eat. My choices have not all been up to par, ex: dark chocolate, pizza and even a few Kispy Kreme donuts. I am hungry....I must admit this. It is easier to eat a piece of chocolate then to peel an orange.

I am hoping that by once again writing my feelings out that I will feel ashamed enough to "get back on the wagon." I would love to read this a year from now and be at my goal weight! I am re-setting my goal weight date to a year from now. I was supposed to be there by this Christmas, but that isn't happening now. Last night I realized I COULD be 1/2 there and I am not. What a shame, I wasted so much time. On the other hand, I know the longer it takes to get this weight off, the longer it WILL remain gone. I have such mixed feelings and mixed emotions. Why, why, why do I HAVE a weight problem?? Food we must eat to live; cigarettes, drugs and alchohol we do not need to live. I want to scream from the mountain tops right now as I am just so frustrated.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that if you feel the same, maybe it will help you, not hinder you. I so love Sparks and ALL the friends I have made. I won't give up no matter how long this takes me.

Feb. 2, 2008 My highest weight was 298 in April 2006. My doctor gave me a real down to earth "speech" about the fact I really needed to do something about my weight. Besides the 2 of us, there was my husband and 2 others in the room. I felt ashamed of myself, but the talk worked. I never hit the 300 pound mark and had lost weight at every visit since the "speech." I have been stuck on a plateau now for going on 9 months or there about, not being able to break into the 230's. Thankfully, on Feb 1, 2008, I found this wonderful site with all the useful tools. I logged my food and found I was out of "food" by 2pm the way I was eating before, no wonder I was stuck on a plateau. I had no idea how much I must have really been eating!

On Jan. 31, 2008, I joined Pure Fitness gym. The membership was free through Healthnet Advantage health insurance. I'm thrilled as I want to do water aerobics.

I'd love to have "friends" here who started around the same date I did so we can encourage each other. "Friends" who have had success here are also welcome.

I have multiple "disabilities - Erbs Palsy, Reflex Smpathetic Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Thoractic Outlet Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Bursitis in my hips, Lumbar degenerative disc disease, Factor V Leiden (a blood disorder) and Depression. I also have a Dorsal Column Stimulator implanted in my back. Exercise has been an issue for me as my doctor only wants me to work-out in the water. I began water aerobics the same time I started here on Sparks and I absolutely love it! I didn't know if I could do it but I can....this means YOU can too! I have decided to make my exercise my new "job" something I have to do, not something that I have a choice to do. Keeping this mindset will keep me going to the gym.

I've had to miss a lot of my gym exercises due to severe pain, please pray for me! (updated 4/13/08)

If you're reading this, you too have decided to make an important change in your own life. Our challenge is to keep going on the food tracking, drinking plenty of water and to exercise as much as we can handle. I know I can become a "Loser", can you?

Why you can't see the "true" me - I have heard many times NOT to post a personal photo on a public website, sorry. You can see a few "faceless" pics in my gallery.

Feel free to read my blog entries and if my page inspires & motivates you, I would appreciate the nomination on the right side of this page!

Member Since: 1/31/2008

Fitness Minutes: 23,583

My Goals:
1. My goal is to get below 200 pounds!

2. To naturally lower my cholesterol so as not to need medication

3. To be a more positive person; enjoy life more.

4. To be able to take care of my spouse as his illness progresses.

My Program:
1. Lost half the weight

2. Bought a Spark Activity tracker

3. Eating less; if you can grow it or it is real meat, eat it, nothing canned and eating less processed foods, candy or dessert.

4. Drinking basically ONLY water. Occasionally I will have tea or coffee but 98% of what I drink is water.

5. Eat my biggest meal at mid-day. I do not eat three full meals a day. I have a snack at dinner time.

Personal Information:
I LOVE photography! I really enjoy taking photos of flowers, cactus and small things giving that offer a different perspective of ordinary objects.

Other Information:
Jan. 28, 2009
Total Cholest. - 156
Triglycer. - 62
HDL - 72
LDL - 72

Inches lost:
Feb 1 - May 20, 2008
Waist - 2.5"
Hips - 2.5"
Neck - .75"

May 31, 2008
Total = 230 not good
HDL = 70 great
LDL = 145 borderline/high
Triglyerides? = 89 normal

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