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July 4, 2012

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July 4, 2011

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July 4, 2013

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 current weight: 278.0 
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    Love your new profile picture and background picture. Beautiful!!!
    3472 days ago
    Just had to send you this quote, I love it!!!!

    Make today the day that you stay on track, don't start tomorrow because what is today but yesterdays tomorrow..

    I didn't come up with it.

    Have a losing day.

    3475 days ago
    Hi Bill,

    I was thrilled to hear you were able to get back on the treadmill and you got the grease for it. Yippee!! Even more thrilled that you missed being on it. That is awesome mental progress. Friday is my weigh in day but I didn't get on the scale today. I'm feeling very blown up, it's a ladies thing which you can figure out I'm sure and I knew if I got on I'd be discouraged so not today. Planning on my walk later as usual and pizza for the guys for dinner. None for me. Sometimes I make myself a gluten free crust and put on some veggies and a little cheese and sauce but not tonight.

    Here is another addition of my favorite blogger. The one from the other day as well. You'll love it. He was up 2 pounds but had a good attitude.

    Have a healthy day.


    Friday, March 12, 2010

    As expected I am up in weight this morning so no new what I have lost images but I am not really worried about it because as long as I am doing what I need to do I will get where I need to. Other than the weekend I did great this week with work outs and my intake BUT I did wake up this morning with a stuffy head and my sinuses are all wonky so perhaps one of the greatest parts about having children strikes again and being sick is screwing me up on the scale. These weeks happen on this road to a healthier body so I won't worry too much about it and the plan is lots of fluid today to try and kick this head cold before it can get a good foot hold and I will be skipping the gym today as well because I cannot breathe through my nose currently. I am up by almost two pounds this week 1.8 to be exact I came in at 316.4 pounds which means that my April goal is looking more and more like its not going to become a reality, I have no doubt that I will get below 300 pounds in the month of April just not by the 2nd.

    I am in fact starting to think that I will need to adjust my calories a bit and I mentioned to my wife that I am kind of scared to do it, my exact words were "I know how to do 1700 calories, I know how to bust ass working out and I know how to drink enough fluid to support that, what I don't know how to do yet is adjust things upwards" which is what I believe I need to do with my calories. Throughout this whole process I have eaten a target of 1700 calories per day and I can pretty much get those in without thinking about it these days but when I start going over I get all backwards and start panicking that I ate too much. I started out a 534 pound guy eating 1500 calories doing minimal exercise 15-20 minutes on a bike and adjusted up to 1700 calories very early in the game and have stayed there pretty much the entire time with the intake and here I am now a 315 pound guy doing almost an hour of cardio per day at a minimum of 5 days per week along with weight lifting 3-4 days per week and still at that same 1700 calories.

    At 500 pounds I was likely burning more calories just by living than I am at this weight but I am more active now, I am very likely burning more these days because of all of the extra activity and I think an adjustment may be needed. But but but! I lost 4 pounds 2 weeks ago! and last week was 4 pounds with no trip to the gym at all! and now this week I am up?? ahhh but you were sick last week and now sick again today my good man! see why I am unsure?! My doctor says that I am doing everything right and that I should stick to my 1700-1800 calories and keep up the exercise and I feel the same way on most days but then when I get an up week like this and I start over analyzing everything and forget my K.I.S.S attitude like I mentioned in yesterdays post but but but.... Its easy to say that as long as I keep advancing in my fitness goals that I should stay with this but the fact remains that I am still teetering between a 2xl and 3xl shirt size and neither one of those is small! granted I am probably in a 2xl and just need to get use to shirts fitting me correctly but still I am not small by any means of the word and I do have a good amount of weight left to lose.

    Making good choices with my food and getting some movement into every day has gotten me where I am today so its hard to change the program up. Might I be over thinking this because of a random up? very likely and when I kick this new head cold Thanks kiddos! things may very well go back to normal and the pounds will drop again. That's that and today's episode of Fatman and Blobbin has ended with a slight up, a new cold and the end of another week, I am now 16 pounds from my April goal and than means 5.3 pounds per week will need to get kicked to make that goal. Crazier things have happened and I can still get there, can't I? I suppose thats to be found out BUT I can tell you this, if I go at it with a defeated attitude I won't get anywhere close and if I go at this thinking that I can do it I may just have a chance, there see thats better right?

    Thanks for following along and that's all I got for today.

    As Ever

    This is BOTZZZ's blog, I've mentioned him before.
    3475 days ago
    Hey Bill,

    How goes the battle. Here is one of my favorite bloggers and the post for today. I always find it encouraging and I hope you do too.


    Making Choices...

    Wednesday, March 10

    Making my way through the week and looking for a new low number come Friday has been my focus for so long that I am starting to feel like this is my job. I don't mean the job that you wake up every morning and start loathing before the crust has even fallen out from the corners of your eyes but the kind of job that we wake up early because we can't wait to get started. This whole healthy living thing has become my purpose in a way, its like I have to prove to myself that I can do it again and again day after day so I wake up and start thinking about my meals and how my calories will play out throughout the day each end every day on the calendar. It use to be that waking up meant another day of struggling to move around comfortably and wondering when that time bomb in my chest was going to pop and that is quite different now that I chose to do something about my situation.

    This morning I sat thinking about what I would do for exercise today, would it be business as usual and off to the gym for my 50 minutes of cardio on a machine? perhaps I would hike the 3 mile trail down the road from my house? Maybe a bike ride through the hills around the lake? Then I started thinking about my meals, would I have cereal for breakfast? perhaps today was an egg white omelet kind of day, or maybe I would make some steel cut oats and what of lunch? I am making Cornish game hens for dinner tonight whats that leave me for a calorie balance to use at lunch? I have a good idea of how my day will play out food wise as well as exercise and that was within the first 20 minutes of my day. Actually as I write this I am still unsure what I will do for exercise today but I am leaning towards the gym followed by that walk on the trail but I won't know until after I click publish and walk out the door.

    My life is entirely different for the choices that I make each day where my diet and exercise is the subject matter and last night I was chatting with wify and I said to her that I wonder where I would be right now if I hadn't changed the path I was walking when I did. Truth is that I honestly believe that I would be either in a wide hole covered with turf and daisies or stuck in a bed that had some sort of reinforced frame underneath it wishing that I had the willpower to make a change in my habits. Finding myself at that impasse in my life when I did surely saved my life and has hopefully added many years to my existence on this planet.

    I listen to people talk about how hard it is to lose weight or get started losing weight and I honestly start getting choked up because I totally understand how difficult it is to get that ball rolling and stick with it. I feel for those people because I was in those very shoes not so long ago and still am in a way because I am still a ways from being where I need to be with my health and honestly some days its like balancing on knifes edge with the staying on track. Making losing weight and getting healthy my goal in life is the key to my success thus far and I have to maintain my level of dedication and focus on the subject so that I will see this through to the end, I AM going to realize my fitness goals and I AM going to get where I need and want to with my health.

    How are you going to make a change in your life today?


    As Ever
    3476 days ago
    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the comment on my page!! I loved the quote. Okay Mr. Lundie rings a bell but I can't place him. Please enlighten me.

    Yesterday was a holiday here and we were at a friend's house from church for the after noon and evening. I ate too much. If I had know about the 3 dessert courses I would have had much less for the main meal. I felt like I was going to explode. I found out the seasoning she used for the potatoes had MSG but didnt' find out until after I ate them. It makes me blow up like a balloon. It's actually a pretty scary reaction. Landed me in the ER in Portland once and on every cardiac machine they had. After 6 hours the Dr. said it was MSG syndrome and stay away from it. Still got my walk in last night with a vengeance and Saturday but not Sunday. I was asleep by 8 pm Sunday, bushed. It was a long day with people over for dinner and I drove them home afterwards while Tim did youth group and then we drove Marianna home, that is an hour trip back and forth. Not good on eating on Sunday either. Have been trying to figure out why I was so hungry at the end of last week. I figured it out. I wasn't sleeping enough hours at night. When I do that I am hungry all day. So I'm working on that this week. I'm not discouraged. Back on the wagon full force today.

    Here's a tie flip in honor of Bro. Homer. I think of him all the time in heaven and wonder what he is doing and picture him having the time of his life. Heaven seems a little closer thinking of him and Bro. Thompson there.

    Have a wonderful losing day. Eat right and do your mile on the LF (Life Extender) and you'll feel great that you did!!!!!!!!!

    Your loser little sister
    3478 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2010 3:16:46 AM
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