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ironman zurich 2011

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ironman zurich 2011

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Hastings HM 2010

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Joined SP in 2009 at 223lbs, had four children under the age of seven that time. Also had a dream - running a marathon. And looking better, getting healthier. With the help of SP I could live my dream. ( I am still not at my weight goal but my life is completely different now. )
This May I've run that marathon (4h47). It was a fantastic experience. I'd like to run one closer to 4 hours and a half marathon under 2 hours. (Current HM PB is 2h18.)
Last September I started swimming. Then I joined a tri club.
My new goal became finishing an Ironman. I got a road bike last month. I thought I would do the Ironman 8-10 years later when the kids are bigger but suddenly decided to do it right now.
I don't want to feel like "I wish I had done it while I probably could have". If it'll prove to be too early for me then I'll do it a year later but I'll never do it if I don't even try. And places are filling up quickly, you have to sign up for these races almost a year ahead.
So I've just entered Ironman Switzerland 2011. It's a huge goal as I currently average only 18km/h (12m/h) on quite short distances. I'm not kidding, somehow I can't go faster. I have 10 months for getting much faster because I'll have to cover
3.8km(2.4m) open water swimming
180km(112m) cycling and
42km(26m) running
in 16 hours.
IM Switzerland's cut off is one hour less than usual as I've found out after entering. The cycling cut off time will be especially tough for me to manage.
(Sept 2010)

Hi! I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE! I feel so lucky to be a member of this community. With SP I've got every tool to succeed.
I've found this site last June and since then my life has changed. I have changed - the way I eat and I also started exercising again which I love. I feel alive from it.
I have lost 50 lbs already and my goal is to be at goal weight this year.
I love running, swimming and cycling.

oct 2009
I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE! I feel so lucky to be a member of this community. With SP I've got every tool to succeed.
I've learned so much about nutrition, goal setting, persistence... I've followed lots of success stories (goals, programs, nutrition trackers, blogs, message boards, SP teams) and I am sure I'll get help if I stuck.
Thank you SparkGuy and all SP members. I am still morbidly obese but confident. I will reach my goal.

Hi! I love cycling and jogging even now. Done a half marathon last year and started to train for a marathon when I got pregnant again. (I have a girl at last) Last week I enjoyed the London Brighton bike ride and managed Ditchling!!! I also do off road cycling events. But I did not excercise regularly, I did not do any strength training (from now on I'd like to)band I weigh 101 kilos-223lbs!!! I was not always this size. I've put on around 20 kilos with each pregnancies and ten more during breastfeeding!!! Though I always tried to lose weight afterwards I never managed to lose more than 15 kilos so it all added up.
I didnt had much time between my pregnancies - I gave birth four times between 2002 and 2008...
I love my kids but/and I feel it is high time to spend more time on me and prepare all those healthy foods and excercise 6 days a week. To look better and to be healthier. It is not just for me, it is for the whole family as well. (june/09)

- june/14/09- 101kg- 223lbs - BMI: 35.8 BF%: 46.5
Really bad news. Almost half of me is plain fat!!!OBESE
- sept/14/09-94.5kg- 208lbs- BMI: 33.5 BF%: 45.1
( started swimming this month :)
- oct /14/09- 92.5kg -203.5lbs- BMI: 32.8 BF%: 44.2
- nov/14/09- 90kg- 198.4lbs- BMI: 31.9 BF%: 38.5
( started running this month :)
- dec/14/09- 86.5kg- 190lbs- BMI: 30.6 BF%: 35.8
( started strength training this month :)
relocating the scale to the bathroom meant 6kg-13.3lbs instant "weight loss" (I also learned that BF% doesn't depend on weight, just cm-s/ inches, it hasn't changed with the "scale")
dec/14/09- 80.5kg- 177lbs- BMI: 28.5 BF%: 35.8 (scale corrected)
6 MONTHS ON SP- LOST 33 (46) lbs, LOST 14.5 (20.5) kg,
I also stopped breastfeeding, oh I will miss it badly
- jan/14/10- 77 kg- 169.5 lbs- BMI: 27.3 BF%: 32
- febr/14/10- 74 kg- 163 lbs- BMI: 26.2 BF%: 32.1
- mar/14/10- 73 kg- 161 lbs- BMI: BF%: 31%
stopped tracking/sparking for a year
started again on the 4th of Feb, 2011.
Need to lose weight for my races.
- feb/11/11- 75.4kg- lbs- BMI: BF%: 30%

2010 Races:

HM- 14/21/Mar/2010 -Silverstone 2.31/ Hastings 2.18.51 - PB
16miles- 11/Apr/2010- Kingston Breakfast Run 2.47 (10.28 min/m)
20miles- 28/Mar/2010- 3.39
Marathon- 9/May/2010 Halstead Essex 4.47

sprint tri- may/2010 -Bexhill- could not start I've done
olympic tri - July4/2010 instead (Steelman)
my first ever open water swim was great

OW Swims:
July10: 3.8k SuperSwim Series 1h19
Aug 15: 2k Worthing Birdman (saltwater)
Aug 21: 3.8k Big South Swim 1h17

65m/105km bike ride: 29/Aug/2010- Burgess Hill Rumble 5h38min

2010 Oct: Barns Green Half Marathon (as a training run)

2011 RACES:
this season triathlon is my priority, running results will be slower, as I won't train/ taper specifically for these races
2011 Feb: Brighton Half Marathon 2.12
2011 Apr 10: Brighton Marathon 4.48
2011 May: Half Iron Marshman 5.50.44
2011 Apr/May: 4 centuries, all hilly
2011 July: Ironman Switzerland

Training PBs:
SEPT/09 : 2m - 32.34 (16.17/m - walk)
OCT /09 :3m - 45.24 (15.08/m - walk), 3m - 44.47(14.56/m -walk), 3m 43.26 (14.29/m - walk) - it's a quite speedy walk, I wouldn't be able to walk a mile under 13.30min. I'll start running if I become overweight. I ran today for two minutes on the treadmill, it felt soo good. I have to wait, though.
NOV/09: my first "run" was 1 mile (15min/m) - slower than my walk pace but the jogging movement was there - couldn't have jogged further or faster but I still enjoyed it!!! I've definitely left space for improvements...
Only two days later I managed a 11.47 mile. Maybe I can get into the one digit miles this year.
DEC/09: first 5k (36.47, 34.47) and 10k (1:20) runs, first intervals ever (4x400- 10:40-10:00 min/mile pace), 1 mile (11.08)
I managed to get ITBs. Maybe because I'd run 5 10k or longer run in a week in my second running month still overweight...No running for two weeks.
JAN/10: 1 mile (9.56), 5k (31.33, 30.52), 10k (1:14 Arrgh, 1:10:54, 1:05.42), 4x400- 8.45 min/mile pace, 6x400- 9.00 min/mile, 4x800-9.10 min/mile
Feb/2011: 9.23/m, 28.42 5k, 60.03 10k

223 lbs : 14/june/09
-10%= 200.7lbs : 26/oct/ 09
-10%= 180.6lbs : 10/dec/09
-10%= 162.5lbs : /feb/10
-10%= 146.2lbs :
-10%= 131.6lbs :


09/June: 41.25 /105cm
09/Sep: 40.5 /103cm
09/Nov: 39 /99cm
10/Jan: 34.25 /87cm
10/Feb: 33 /84cm
11/Feb: 31.5/ 80cm
lost 9.75 inches / 25cm

09/June: unknown
09/Sep: unknown
09/Nov: 41.25 /105cm
10/Jan: 38.25 /97cm
10/Feb: 36.5 /93cm
11/Feb: 35.5/ 90cm
lost 5.75+ inches / 15+cm

09/June: 46 /117cm
09/Sep: 44.75 /114cm
09/Nov: 42.5 /108cm
10/Jan: 40.5 /103cm
10/Feb: 39.75 /101cm
11/Feb: 39.75/ 101cm
lost 6.25 inches / 16cm

09/June: 26.75 /68cm
09/Sep: 25.5 /64.5cm
09/Nov: 25 /63.5cm
10/Jan: 24 /61cm
10/Feb: 22.75 /58cm
11/Feb: 22.75 /58cm
lost 4 inches / 10cm

09/June: 13.5 /34cm
09/Sep: 13.25 /33.5cm
09/Nov: 12.75 /32.5cm
10/Jan: 12.5 /31.5cm
10/Feb: 12.25 /31cm
11/Feb: 11.75/ 30cm
lost 1.75 inches / 4cm

09/June: 14.5 /37cm
10/Feb: 13.75 /35 cm
1/Feb: 14.25/ 36cm
lost 0.25 inch / 1cm

Lean Body Mass:
(lost 8.3 in Dec due to scales issue, so there is a gain :)
oct/09: 116.6 lbs,116.7 lbs,121.6 lbs - BF% 42.56, 42.15, 39.18
nov/09: 121.3 lbs - BF% 38.75
dec/09: 121.5 lbs,121.4 lbs,113.1 lbs (on the same day - scale issue meant -8.3 lbs LBM),115.3 lbs - BF% 36.54, 36.09, 34.49
jan/10: 112.7 lbs, 114.6 lbs. 112 lbs- BF% 34.26, 32.39, 32.15
feb/10: 110.5 lbs - BF% 32.6
Feb/11: 115.6 lbs LBM, BF% 30.46

Member Since: 6/14/2009

Fitness Minutes: 23,826

My Goals:
-moderation in order to avoid injury

-I really want to run a marathon. (2011?) DONE May 2010 unexpectedly!!!
- to start 2010 as overweight DONE
-run HM in March 2010 DONE
- tri? (I'd need to loan a wetsuit) DONE Olympic Tri July 2010
-century DONE
-get to healthy BMI
-work on my strokes, turns and learn proper fly DONE and still working on it, love swimming
- half IRONMAN - I need to get much faster on the bike leg for this DONE

June 14, 2009: 223 lbs
Sep14: - 15 (in 3 mo)(208)
Oct14: -4.5 (203.5)
Nov14: -5.1 (198.4)
Dec14: -8.4 (190)
Dec14: 177-scales issue
Jan14: -7.5 (169.5)
Feb14: - 6.5 (163)
Mar14: -2 (161)
back to SP on 4th/Feb/2011
Feb4: +7.2 in a year(168.2)

My Program:
-I try not to eat junk on a daily basis
- I eat lots of vegetables instead. They are very tasty if you find the time to prepare them .
- I love every kind of cardio and lot of sports really - my current fav is TRIATHLON, but I should include some strength training as well. I must find a way to learn to enjoy that as well.

Personal Information:
5k: (training runs)
2009. Oct: 45.24
2009. Nov: 36.58
2009. Dec: 34.47
2010. Jan: 31.32
2010. Feb: 30.52
2011. Feb: 28.42

10k: (training runs)
2009. Dec: 80 min
2010. Jan: 74 min
2010. Feb: 65.42
2011. Feb: 60.03

half marathon:
2008 Mar: 2.34.15 Hastings
2010 Mar: 2.18.51
2010 Oct: ~2.15
BG, as a training run
2011 Feb: 2.12.41
Brighton as a training run

2010 May: 4.47
2011 Apr: 4.48
Brighton as a training run

3.8k open water:
2010 Aug: 1.17

30 min swim:
2011 Jan: 1540m

half Ironman:
2011 May:

2011 July:
IM Switzerland

Other Information:

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    Are you ready for Ironman?!?! When is it!?!?
    3598 days ago
    Thanks as always for your comments.

    Congrats on your half IM!!!! Sorry I missed that! Fantastic that you made it! So happy for you!
    You are amazing Katie doing so many centuries....I really don't know how you do it!

    That's the problem with high mileage training - impossible to fit everything in, when you are struggling just to cover the distance. It's impossible to do quality training like speed training as well. (That's my problem...that's why I want to get weight down first then work on speed and only then put on distance - maybe it will work better for me this time!)

    Just over a month left till IM!!!!
    When are you starting to taper?
    When is your move?

    Wishing you a good week Katie - don't push yourself too hard now. Look after yourself!

    ~ Sam

    3647 days ago
    Thanks Katie
    How's it going with you????
    3652 days ago
    Yes, congrats on riding your century! That's fab!!!
    How is your behind feeling? ;)

    I though of you yesterday - I went to the gym for a swim!
    Almost died doing 10 laps of the 20m pool!!!!!
    Forgot how tough swimming is!
    So I really look up to you, you superfit person!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your bike problems. Yes, for your mileage you will have to look at more "upper end" bikes from now on if you continue. Not cheap - they are the same price here. It's crazy!!!
    Not a cheap sport - esp when you have to look at tyres on a regular basis. And I also had a habit of wearing out my cycling shorts really quickly...At least the shoes are a one-off purchase.

    If we were closer I could lend you my bike as it's just standing on the trainer right now.
    It's a Schwinn Fastback Pro with Shimano Ultegra groupset. My poor bike has hardly seen any time on the tar - probably 150 Ks total- more Ks done on the trainer!
    Looking forward to the T de France when I'll be riding along live again.

    How are your boys Hungarian?
    When do you leave?

    Yes - you told me about your husband's taking to the sport! Amazing how it rubs off on people....

    And you do look fabulous at the moment (I saw your post -marathon photo remember) - ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT! You deserve it!

    ~ Sam
    (Struggling around my 5 K route - doing it in 45 minutes at the moment. Can't believe that a year ago I ran 3 ultra marathons in 2 months!)
    3666 days ago
    Congrats on your century!! I hope you had great time. It gets easier the more you do it. Are you still on track for Ironman?
    3667 days ago
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