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update: 3/26/2021 Find your happiness. I'm finding mine.

update: Nov 3, 2020.
(Weight is only one indicator of health, I'm down almost 60 lbs, my husband down 40 + lbs, I'm 5.6 and 1/2'' and 123 to 127 depending on the morning or afternoon. My husband's angina, gone, problems with energy or stamina, gone gone gone. We are living life to the fullest now.)

Why am I so adamant, about following wfpb the lifestyle? Because I'd gone no-meats, did better, then dropped dairy, cheese, milk, eggs, oil, did better, but my husband's mild heart attack, we went STRICT! Strict esselstyn which means 3 fruits a day not more, it means lots of greens all day long, it means no tofu, no nuts (sobbbbbb), no seeds (oh, sobb some more), no avocado. It is the most stringent diet to reverse heart disease and to clear out the arteries and get health back. THAT was when I saw really stark fantastic results. You can make moderate changes in diet, and get moderate results. STRICT changes, Oh wow, it was fabulous.

What is fabulous? Anxiety down, calmness, pain down, sleeping better, weight down, my hair was to my waist now, something I'd never had in my 59 years even as a child, something was hugely different! I had NEVER eaten purely nutritious food all the time, in my entire life, even as a child.

I wanted to know WHY all this was working so well, so I read or watched videos, read books for 1-3 hours per day, the first year, the second year, I was no less curious and still had questions, so I still read and watch videos to understand what exactly had happened. It has been nothing short of amazing.

So when I talk about things I've read or video's I've seen and want to share with you, it is because I also had questions and struggles, and this is what I found. I'm no expert but I know who they are, they are the wfpb docs, and from them, I have learned.


My best tip for how to eat healthy without going astray.
Fill your refrigerator with foods you can eat. Cooked potatoes, casseroles, bean dishes, fresh vegetables cooked or raw, large salads with beans and grain lettuce broccoli pickles tomatoes, and a choice of 3 kinds of oil free dressings. Treat yourself to oil free mushroom gravy. A sweet and soy sauce with ginger and garlic. Keep putting new things in there, and when you get hungry, it is all calling to you. Eat enough beans, potatoes, oil free sugar free salt free bread, rice, oatmeal, to fill you up, and enough raw and cooked vegetables and fruit to get your nutrition in each day. Don't go hungry, it won't help, just eat until you are full and eat again 3-4 hours later. Losing weight is secondary and it may be slow but it will be steady if you are steadfast in your habits.


My history: In 2018 I was approaching 59 and I noticed no matter what I did I gained 5 lbs a year and I couldn't get a handle on it. I know, this happens to everyone but why couldn't I get a handle on it? So I just started by giving up meat in the middle of that year, June. Low and behold, my weight gain stopped for a full six months.

To be on the safe side I decided to investigate what was healthy, was it healthy to give up meat? Would I get enough protein? I found out vegetables/grain/fruit, would give me more than enough. Actually eating meat was overkill when it comes to protein.

I read the China Study, the book. More protein is not very healthy at all. It promotes disease, so not eating meat isn't going to do me harm, it's going to help me. All the excess protein has to be filtered out by the kidneys anyways, so eating meat will be a negative, for my health.

I again, went to the doctor and she said, lose a little weight and I agreed with her. I asked her, why is my blood pressure high? I'd asked this question for 30 years. Whether I was thin or heavy whether I exercised or not, walking sometimes 8 miles in a day, for a whole season, my blood pressure was high. She didn't really answer that question. She said, "are you eating healthy?" I said "yes", by all measures in the media, by family tradition, by every measure of any diet known to man, (I thought) I was eating healthy. She never said what the measure of a diet is that can be defined by the word, "healthy".

Why is the word "healthy" such a secret?

In January 2019, my weight gain was stopped because I didn't eat meat anymore. I was going to tackle the next step which was my blood pressure issue. Lots of research on my part. Take oil/fat out of my diet and blood pressure will go down. I was doing damage with eating fat/oil. I also add in hibiscus tea and to fill the gap in hunger fill up on veg/fruit/grain/legume/seeds/nuts. That is McDougall. Have some potatoes, lots of them.

Use rice/potatoes/complex carbs for being 'full' with lots of veg/fruit for the nutrition it provides. Anti-oxidants, polyphenols, flavinols. Add spices and herbs for more. Spices and herbs are chalked full of all the good nutrients. They are almost magical but more than that, studies show they are beneficial to bodies. Use nuts and seeds to get a small amount of fat/oil in a more natural source, nothing refined. Get rid of anything left that is industrial food because it has oil/fat, sugar, and salt.

Salt was another culprit for reasons of blood pressure and the damage it does to produce disease. Just stop the salt, stop being assaulted.

My taste buds changed. Found out later, our taste buds regenerate within about 11 days, so once I stopped the salt/sugar/oil, food started tasting good again. Was it easy, HECK NO, but something had to change.

I started doing research in January 19, about an hour or 3 per day, to start to understand how to live more healthily by eating more healthy. And how exercise speeds up the regenerative process in our bodies so that when we do eat healthy it regenerates even faster.

I ran across McDougall, then Esselstyn, then Gregor, then Popper, then Barnard, and these doctors were all in agreement and had evidence in studies to prove that eating plants, whole food plant based, let's our bodies take care of themselves in a healthy way.

March 19, my husband said, what do you think I'll die from (knowing we'll all die someday)? I said, probably that pizza and hamburgers, cardiac disease. He wasn't going to join me in getting better health because well, he really enjoyed the taste of pizza and hamburgers. I asked him if he was willing to die over it? Are you willing to die with a lb of cheese in one hand and salami in the other hand, go to your grave that way? He said, yes.

April 19 middle of the month. He has a mild heart attack. Two days later, he subscribed to McDougall strict, or Esselstyn for his eating habits from then forward. During the next 12 weeks doctor's appointments, lab tests, hospital tests. At first a blockage that could be dealt with by bypass or stent. By 12 weeks, no blockage could be found by the cardiologist and he couldn't sell a stent or bypass operation.

We found out later with research into it, studies and evidence, stents and bypasses are great in an emergency situation but they don't help long term life. In the people that had stents and bypass operations, they lived through the moment, but their life was not made longer by getting them compared to people that didn't get them. (here's your bill $30,000 or $100,000 for that, and try to have a happy retirement if you have any money left)

That's kind of a shocking secret. Stents and Bypass operations are like bandaids for the moment, not a new lease on life.

If the body is not fed healthy plant food, it can't get better, so WE got better. It has been a joy to eat more healthy with my husband. I really like doing it together WITH him. And now it's 2020 and we both eat whole food plant based, strict McDougall or Esselstyn for heart disease.

What are the essential end products of McDougall? Joint pain, gone. Weight loss, 55 and 45 lbs for us, good BMI's, general anxiety is gone, blood pressure normal, heart disease process, most likely reversed. Husband's total cholesterol level from 200's to 146 in 12 weeks and it's stayed there. LDL at 76. We still monitor cholesterol and ldl every 6 months. (forgot to mention, skin issues reduced to almost nil too)

Whole food, plant based McDougall will feed your body.

Today's recipe for success at health is the following: 14 vegetables and fruit variety, chopped, raw or cooked, a few potatoes, baked in wedges or mashed, a salad with at least 6 different things, oil free tomato dressing.

Member Since: 6/26/2020

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My Goals:
The spring is here, this will be a great gardening season. My kale is already half dollar sized, and there are hundreds of them. Medicinal herbs and flowers, 4 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers, 5 gardens, and so much more is in front of us.

My Program:
McDougall, wfpb'ed, get healthy, it loves you as much as you love it.

Personal Information:
Live in Wisconsin.

Other Information:

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    emoticon Yes- Happy and healthy here! Thanks for checking in and I hope you are the same. Health is everything!
    81 days ago
  • v LATREK
    Hi White-Green, thank you I just saw your comments. Oh yes, I eat so many carbs, I live on them and keep my percentages at 10/10/80, 10/10 for calories from fat and protein. I'll give it a go to write out what I eat each day, we have a thread for that where many of us write what we eat for Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks. It's called "What are you eating today"

    I'm 5 feet 6 and 1/2 inches and my weight isn't budging. It's between 123 and 127, and I eat and eat and eat. Today was just crazy, a small bit of compliant fruitcake, steel cut oats with pineapple flax chia and cinnamon, large bowl of tomato based vegetable stew with sprouted whole grain bread, tapioca w/date paste and vanilla, apples, asparagus and parsnips! I'm full to the gills.
    195 days ago
  • v OOLALA53
    Welcome to the vegan team. I lost most of my weight not vegan, though I ate a lot more vegetables and fibrous grains than most people but I've continued on the path away from the familiar, and not even caring as much about weight loss (but lost 50 lbs.) but just getting relief from the sweets compulsion. It's so obvious to me now that it was a drug addiction. It can be hard to accept that for the rest of my life, my plates and bowls of food are going to look very different from what they did when I was growing up, and different from what the rest of my far-away family still eats. And really most of the rest of the world! But the more i learn, the smarter it seems. I've been out of the loop on the team for a bit, but it's one of the most active teams I've been on. I think it's because we know we need a strong tribe! I saw what you wrote about stocking my fridge and that is exactly what I've been doing. I never don't have the makings of several meals at the ready! And enough dry goods for a few months. It's kind of ridiculous because it's just me, but that world out there does NOT offer a lot of what will really sustain us in the long run. We have to make it for ourselves.
    292 days ago
    Thanks Latrek for your excellent explanation on the Check in and Chat thread on the Mcougall Plan Forum about the difference between lecithin, emulsifiers and thickeners and how to read labels. I love that you not only research so well but have a real flair for explaining it perfectly.

    223 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story on your page. That was very interesting and motivating to read. I saw that you joined the NUTRITIONFACTS team but already left, read your introduction on that team (sadly way too late as I don't get notified of new posts) and came here to read about your experiences.
    I would love it if you shared (maybe in your blog? or on your page) what you eat on an average day. I follow Bright Line Eating combined with Eat to Live guidelines. I would love to get insight into how one can eat no fat / oil and a lot of potatoes (and lose weight). Have a great sunday!
    206 days ago
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