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3/29/16 10:19 P

I hope it is okay to offer some suggestions. I love protein drinks. I follow Pauline Nordine on Facebook. She gives great ideas on how to stop plateaus. As far as protein drinks, I prefer soy over whey. I found one at Walmart called EAS. It has 3 ingredients: soy lecithin, fructose and cocoa powder. It could be the ingredients in your protein drink having too much sugar. Sugar goes by several names. Just keep trying different things.

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3/29/16 7:38 P

Lately I have been drinking a lot of protein shakes. I am still not losing weight but basically plateauing. It frustrates me when I can not lose. Nevertheless, snacking still has not stopped. I am back to eating fish,chicken and ground beef. I plan my meals weekly. emoticon

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