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10/1/18 6:17 A

Great! Thank you so much!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,131
9/30/18 9:14 A

Yep, if you prefer splitting it that way, it's fine. Even a brisk walk for a few minutes should be enough to warm you up.

Coach Jen

9/30/18 12:49 A

"Do you feel like the last rep in the set is the last one you could do with proper form?"
Yes, just about.

Indeed I have been doing about 30 minutes twice a week. But could I split that up into doing shorter daily sessions where I'll just do arms one day, abs the next and legs the third day? (And then repeat so I do each area of the body twice a week). So I can tell myself I just need to do (say... 10 minutes max) per day before I shower?

What would I have to do for warming up then? (Biking? Stretching? For how many minutes?).

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,131
9/29/18 7:51 P

Do you feel like the last rep in the set is the last one you could do with proper form?

I'd say 20 minutes without the warmup/cool down,so it would end up being about 30 minutes total.

Coach Jen

9/29/18 5:11 P

MOTIVATED@LAST, thank you for the suggestions. I may need to add that I am well into my fifties, obese and I have back pain and arthritis of the hip. My physiotherapist said to be careful and build up gradually. So I think that lifting heavy and supersetting are not for me (or, not until I am a lot more fit than I am now).
I like the idea of the compund exercises. I've done planks and pushups in the past.

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9/29/18 5:09 P

Thank you Coach Jen and MOTIVATED@LAST.

I am doing 2x10 repetitions of each exercise. I do 4 different 'moves' with the arms with weights of 2 lbs.
If you say 20 minutes, do you mean WITH or WITHOUT warmup (stretching and/or stationary bike)?

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,700
9/26/18 6:28 A

There are a number of ways that you can speed up your strength training AND make it more effective.

1. By choosing compound exercises that work several different muscles at once, you can work most of the major muscle groups in the body in just a few moves. A very simple compound routine would include:
* squats
* planks
* deadlifts
* pushups (wall/modified/incline pushups if necessary)
* bent over dumbbell rows.

This simple routine would work most of the major muscle groups in the body in about the same time (or even less) than you are taking now.

2. Lift heavy. It is both faster and more effective to do say, 6 reps with a heavier weight, than 12 reps with a lighter weight. For bodyweight exercises, you can do a more challenging variant (eg. single leg squats) to increase the degree of difficulty.

3. Supersetting. Rather than resting between sets, this involves moving straight to another exercise involving a different muscle group. So you might do a set of squats, then a set of pushups, then move back and do your 2nd set of squats, then the 2nd set of pushups, etc. Your muscles still get enough time to recover between sets, but you move through your overall workout much faster.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,131
9/26/18 6:18 A

How many sets of each exercise are you doing? I'd stick with one, maybe 2 sets of 8-12 repetitions per set and you should be able to get that workout done in about 20 minutes (assuming you're doing 2-3 arm exercises- I wasn't sure how many it was from your description below.)

Coach Jen

9/25/18 10:31 A

Thank you for your replies. Yes that was a typo, I corrected it now, it should say '5 to 10 minutes'.

Coach Jen, I do 2 exercises for the abs: lying on my back with my legs up I bring the legs in the direction of the floor and back up. And I hold a ball and touch the floor with it left and right while I sit with my knees up.
I do 2 exercises for the legs: squats and lying on my side, lifting the upper leg and lowering it.
Then I do a series of movements for the arms using dumbbells: moving them up and sideways and doing curls.
Before I start I stretch and move about some (5 minutes) or I use a stationary bike for 5 minutes, and afterwards I stretch a bit.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,131
9/25/18 8:44 A

I think it's fine to break up your workout however works best for your schedule. As long as you're targeting all of the major muscle groups at least twice a week, that's what matters most.

You should be able to get a good full body workout in 20-30 minutes. A quick warm up is good, but you really don't need a cool down, maybe just a few stretches? If you want to give details about the exercises you've been doing, we might be able to provide suggestions of how to streamline your routine to make it effective in a shorter amount of time.

Coach Jen

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9/25/18 6:58 A

Yes, you need to warm up and cool down when you exercise each and every time. Therefore, I think you hit the nail on the head with your final statement: "Because then I'll end up spending MORE time on the strength training not less...." if you try and break into multiple days.

Was 5010 minutes a typo, by the way?

9/25/18 3:40 A

So far I tried to do 2 sessions of strenth training per week, I'd do abs and legs/back and arms, it takes me about or little more than half an hour including warmup and cooldown.

However I struggle often to find the time or to get myself to do it. I have been wondering if maybe I should just do one part of the routine each day instead of the whole routine twice a week. That way it might become more of a steady habit: just do 5 to 10 minutes of exercises before I shower, period.
So I would do abs on monday, legs on tuesday, arms on wednesday and then abs again on thursday, legs on friday and arms on saturday, with sunday as a rest day.

But do I then also have to do the 5 minutes of warmup and later the cooldown each day, I wonder? Because then I'll end up spending MORE time on the strength training not less....

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