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8/3/17 11:07 P

Getting in the water may help with fitness goals and keep weight bearing off of your sore hip...
I had a lot of sciatic issues and intense pain, took a water aerobics class and worked at my own pace. It was very helpful and the instructor was awesome about modifying some of the movements for me.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,700
8/3/17 8:09 P

Take a look at Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center
for a range of seated workout ideas. This will allow you to continue a pattern of regular exercise, while waiting for your hip to recover.

8/3/17 7:54 P

Bummer!! If it doesn't improve soon, perhaps its time to check in with your friendly local Physical Therapist for some muscle strengthening to hold that hip in place! Doing those easy exercises *really* helped my hip arthritis!! Take care,

MARTHA324 Posts: 9,938
8/3/17 5:35 P

Oh! I'm sorry.
Sounds like you are doing the smartest thing which is to just take it easy and walk. Better to take care of it now.

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8/3/17 4:35 P

Twisted hip the other day is not allowing me to do my fitness goals. Just able to walk slowly around house.

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