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KMILLER31 Posts: 4,942
6/15/18 9:25 P

Old age is not for sissies, but it's better than the alternative

NIGHTSTAR-71 Posts: 159
5/29/18 10:09 P

Maybe you better to think, you are alive, and be happy with this? You cannot do this... and that... but you still independent and it is already good. When I look back I see how many people of my age already gone. I am alive. I all the time ill, sick, and from first days of my life no one was sure I would live. I do. And I still do now.
I try to get as much as I can from the time what left for me. I go to Met Opera with my man. 20 operas every year. we visited many places till I was able to walk. I still have pictures of these places. So, life is good, at any age.

ALOFA0509 Posts: 11,864
5/28/18 1:11 A

It's never to late, and your never to old to embark on a new journey! As your signature notes; "Anything is possible with the help of God!" Cheering for you emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

INACAR Posts: 4,557
5/14/18 12:46 P

Some days I wonder just how it happened, I was going about my business and looked up and I was here. A lot of my time just slipped by without a blip in the radar.

PAMMYLBEAR Posts: 3,231
5/13/18 10:19 A

I feel ya!

QWAVIE Posts: 193
5/13/18 7:25 A

I truly hate getting old. I look in the mirror and think " This just can't be me." I hate the way I look and feel. The fact that I can no longer do all the things I use to drives me nuts. My mind says yes but the body says "Who are you kidding". emoticon

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