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8/8/17 3:48 P

I assume "cramping" is stomach/intestinal cramping? Not muscle cramping?
Are you experiencing any gas?

Stomach and intestinal bloating can occur with changes in your diet. Did you change your diet for the blood pressure and then the bloating occurred shortly after? What diet changes did you make? What are you eating more of? What are you eating less of?

Are you drinking more beverages? Are you using a straw?

A bit more information, will help.

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8/8/17 3:46 P

You need to see your doctor. They are not licensed drug pushers! If your current doctor is eager to prescribe drugs, find a new one. That's what I did.

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8/8/17 12:49 P

I have found myself getting a bloated feeling, no matter what i eat.. more so with salad! also another issue is i have been getting more leg cramps lately. i have had a few high blood pressure numbers and have changed my diet to compensate, and it does work, only lately have had the cramping and bloating issues. is this normal? or something that i should see a doctor about? i do not like doctors.. (licence drug pushers)

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