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MAURMAUR Posts: 553
4/6/10 12:46 P

i started making this drink idea last week, and i love it. i brew a gallon of flavored green tea (in your case you can use decaf). when it's still hot, i mix in some honey (as much as you like-i like mine less sweet), then i let it sit in the fridge till it's cold. pour it over ice and mix it with vodka-i've been using absolut boston (limited edition black tea and elderberry). it's delicious and very refreshing!

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4/6/10 11:11 A

Alcohol is a downer -- it doesn't normally contain caffeine. People do mix energy drinks with alcohol sometimes, and there are some of those that you can get pre-mixed now (friend of mine got an energy beer the other day, weird).

2PERSEVERE Posts: 257
4/6/10 10:27 A

You should check in with your doctor regarding this issue.

4/6/10 10:23 A

Alcohol itself does not contain caffeine. Some mixers do - coffee, Coke or other sodas (unless they're caffeine-free, of course), iced tea, etc. So don't buy premixed cocktails. Drink beer, wine, or hard liquor with juice, club soda, etc.

PIXIEDUST22 Posts: 1,246
4/6/10 10:04 A

No alcohol has caffeine in it, and the only drinks that I can think of that would have caffeine would be if you ordered liquor with coke or red bull or coffee (which obviously have caffeine in them). Any traditional drink will be caffeine free though, like martini-type drinks for example, though they also tend to have kind of a lot of calories. For a low calorie non-caffeinated drink, vodka and diet cranberry is pretty good or rum with caffeine free diet soda. Both of those are hard to find at bars though, which is why I usually stick with light beer when out.

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4/6/10 7:55 A

Vodka and orange juice?

You don't have to mix anything in your alcohol, but could choose sprite, juice or water.

Moderation baby. Those are empty calories.

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4/6/10 7:54 A

I would venture to say that most alcoholic drinks are caffein-free. If in doubt, you can always pick a base alcohol (e.g. vodka) and a mixer (e.g. OJ) that go well together. With canned/bottled drinks, checking the nutrition label will clear out any question marks whether the product has caffeine or not.

4/6/10 3:30 A

i suffer panic attacks, and caffeine is a massive trigger for them to start.
i was wondering if anyone knew about any alcoholic drinks without caffeine..
i already know about beer and wine...

xoxo thanks xoxo

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