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ARAZA30 Posts: 4,445
6/7/15 3:41 P

I increased the weights, reps and sets on Leg press. I'm stronger than I thought!!

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5/27/15 11:01 P

I am so excited. I started my weight loss challenge for myself last January. I was a little disappointed because out of over 1300 people I was the highest weight lost of all the women and did not win. However I was aware of the contest rules and knew that I had to have the highest % of weight lost. For me I was still good because I felt like I won because I had done it by myself and had lost more weight than anyone else. I continued to keep it off and this year joined up the challenge again and was able to compete in the keep it off weight loss challenge and as of today I have won. The final weigh in was this afternoon. SO EXCITED. Not only did I technically lose the most last year but now I will take home the cash prize for keeping it off and doing all the weigh- ins this year. Yippy!

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 1,359
5/27/15 3:52 P

that's amazing!!! treadmill?

5/25/15 3:23 P

Woohoo is right!

ARAZA30 Posts: 4,445
5/25/15 12:24 P

I am stronger than excuses!!

5/19/15 7:52 P


SMASON6 Posts: 4,921
5/19/15 7:43 P

I walked over 15000 steps today.

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