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12/3/15 10:48 A

Oh yea! And I started tracking my food intake today again!

LETSGORACIN_12 SparkPoints: (204)
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12/3/15 10:44 A

I accomplished the 3 salads...not so much the water and was not able to exercise at all.

I will plan this next 7 days goal starting today as:

1) 4 salads this week.
2) 1- 16 oz water each day (start smaller and work up?)
3) Take 5 minutes out of my day to sit still and do NOTHING.
4) Take 5 minutes a day and go for a walk.

Wish me luck....

12/1/15 11:14 P

emoticon emoticon

11/27/15 6:52 P

That's a great start, and a great plan.


LETSGORACIN_12 SparkPoints: (204)
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11/24/15 1:53 P

Ok...I'm back is really throwing me a curve ball....I've read the few comments posted and your right...I need to start small again.

Ok so for this week...I'm working 4 - 13 hour days, 1 holiday and one 5 hour day...I can't seem to wake up in the morning and staying up all hours of the night....

So my GOAL(s) this week will be:

1) NMT 1 Chick-Fil-A sweet tea at my PT job x 4 days I work this week
- 1 day down NO SWEET TEA

2) Eat Caesar salad with NMT 1 TB of dressing, NO SALT added...for 3 days this week
- 1 salad yesterday

3) I will drink 1 - 16 oz bottle of H2O by crystal light added

I know it may seem small but this is a lot for me but I do have to start somewhere....

9/24/15 4:49 P

Instead of thinking of exercise as something you HAVE to do, think of it as a gift you are giving yourself of feeling better. This is time for you, not your family or friends, just you.

Give yourself a little "gift" after exercising for 7 days in a row, or three times this week. Not food, not even something that costs money. Maybe it's going to bed a tad early in your favorite jammies with your favorite book.

For the early weeks buy your favorite healthy foods and think of it as more gifts you are giving yourself. For me, it would be asparagus and avocado. It might be mangoes for you.

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9/24/15 5:14 A

Try to find an exercise that you love.

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9/23/15 4:52 P

emoticon day by day, step by step

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9/21/15 12:44 A


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9/20/15 6:31 P

Take one step at a time!! You can do it!!!! emoticon

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9/17/15 8:37 P


Great work, losing 20 pounds last time. Now you know you CAN.

Why not pick one small thing that you can change this week, and write it on your calendar - or on your Spark page if you'd like to share with us. "This week I will have an apple instead of ice cream for dessert," etc. Then add one more improvement next week.

Soon you can look back a few weeks and see how much you've achieved. Nothing motivates like success! (Even a small success.)

There are so many ways to start. I'm sure you'll find something that works for you.

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9/17/15 10:49 A

Hello...I am SO UNMOTIVATED to start loosing weight again...I did ok, loosing 20 lbs. over a 6 month period and fell off the wagon. Now that I'm working a FT and PT job, my kids are all almost grown and yet I still can't find the gumption to get with it...any pointers on getting my vibe back?

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