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1/29/16 4:56 P


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1/29/16 12:50 P

The meatloaf sounds yummy! I never added mushrooms to mine. And cauliflower mash! Now you're making me hungry!

CD15597073 Posts: 2,563
1/28/16 10:32 A

Sounds yummy! I love cauliflower mash. Sometimes I'll add a little bacon and some green onions.

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1/27/16 10:33 A

I made this Turkey meatloaf, was so good. I grated a med onion and a med carrot, then chopped 1/4 cup of mushrooms and mixed it all together. Cooked in oven for about 45 mins. I also cooked up a cauliflower (whole one) mashed it up and put in 1/4 cup 1% milk. Sodium free salt and some pepper, then topped it with low cal jack cheese and put it in the oven. Everything was so good. emoticon

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