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1/17/17 5:40 P
By the way...a quick google search on Taylor Farms shows they are not a single source producer...! Over 100 suppliers.... Interesting website though...!

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1/17/17 4:11 P

I just received a response from Trader Joe's. If an item is not labeled as organic it may be treated with pesticides and herbicides. I'm kind of surprised that the associates don't know this as I've asked about four different workers. Basically, my $6 strawberries were treated with pesticides since not labeled organic.

1/17/17 3:20 P

"Taylor Farms" might not be a single source...but a company that buys produce from others and packages/sells it. They might even have multiple packaging facilities, hence no conflict to have both organic/ non-organic produce. They might also have different locations within their acreage.....

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1/17/17 2:31 P

Thank you for the npr link. I have also wondered about my Taylor Farms Organic greens because Taylor Farms also sells non-organic greens. I wonder how a farm can be both organic and non-organic and avoid cross contamination.

1/17/17 1:49 P

I wouldn't assume that TJs products are raised without pesticides. Even Organic produce can be and is often grown with pesticides. Contacting TJs is your best bet, in the past when I have emailed them it has taken quite some time for them to get back to me.

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1/17/17 1:32 P

I have asked several associates at TJ's if their fresh and frozen produce is pesticide free if it is NOT labeled Organic. The response is usually an uncertain "no pesticides used, I think...". I sent an email to TJ's asking them about a week ago and have not received a response. I like to avoid the dirty-dozen fruits especially apples and strawberries and spend the extra $$ for TJ's strawberries ($5.99) even though they are not labeled organic, assuming they are at least pesticide free.

Does anyone know for sure if TJ sells non-pesticide produce??

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