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1/13/15 6:24 P

I was able to find an online food tracker (MyNetDiary) which does track Vitamin K, as well as sugars (which I found that SparkPeople also doesn't track). Thank you.

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1/13/15 5:35 P

Vitamin K is not required to be reported on a food label. So it might be in a lot of the products you're eating, but because it's not reported, the data you'd get in your tracker won't be accurate. That's why we don't make vitamin K a reporting option. It is for the safety of your members who are on coumadin.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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1/13/15 4:47 P

This is my first day using the tracker on and I was just thrilled to find it, after finding various things wrong with several other well-known and lesser known sites. When I watched the tutorial video at the beginning, it said that you had the option of tracking additional nutrients. Along with the clearly user-friendly application, when I saw that it is capable of tracking a lot of nutrients, I thought I had it made! I have just spent hours learning how to create a recipe, add foods to my tracker, etc. only to find out that Vitamin K, one of the very main ones I was looking to track, is not included on! How surprising and disappointing. :(

I really hope SparkPeople will add Vitamin K to the list of tracked nutrients! I am vegan and on Warfarin (Coumadin) for life. Because so many leafy greens and other foods are high in Vitamin K which can affect the effectiveness of Warfarin, it makes it much more challenging to eat vegan, and especially to work on weight loss. I understand about trying to be consistent with the amount of Vitamin K taken in weekly, but this is much easier to do if you can track the Vitamin K.

I have been using the entire time I've been on Warfarin, and for a few years before that. includes Vitamin K in the tracked nutrients, and because of that reason alone, despite all the things I am already learning to love about on my first day into it, I would reluctantly go back to, but for the fact that 10 years after it began, the site will be going offline on January 21, 2015.

I don't understand why a site as thorough as SparkPeople seems to be, doesn't include tracking of Vitamin K. I've seen a lot of other messages inquiring about it, so the need and requests are obviously there. I also want to request that this feature be added ASAP, or I will have to keep looking for a tracker that covers Vitamin K. This is a crucial nutrient to track for anyone on anticoagulation medication, and with such a long list of nutrients covered, surely this very important one should be included. Thank you.

6/9/14 8:56 P

This National Institute of Health site has some very helpful and reliable info:


6/9/14 8:49 P

I had afib (fast heart rate or erratic heart rate). This can cause blood clots so that is the reason I take warfarin/coumadin.
These health workers are so overloaded and see so many people. My husband always goes with me so we make sure my questions are remembered and answered. Plus we know we have to call in things they address and then seem to forget about.
Unfortunately we have to keep on top of it. I did a lot of research on the computer about foods.
I found this site on foods and recipes to use. It really helped me get started.
So far now I am doing ok. My fluters have really decreased. Sparkpeople had an article that opened my eyes to what was causing my heart flutters to be on going several times a day.
Now they are hardly noticeable
Hopefully this will be of some help

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6/8/14 9:18 P

Thank you for starting this topic. I just got out of hospital friday blood clot in right lunch. I have tons of questions. My first blood test is tomorrow. I will go to clinic sometime this week. I am nervous about my doctor not calling things in. The discharge nurse has helped me before when I had trouble with doctors calling me back to follow up.

God bless you all .

4/26/14 1:11 A

Thanks everyone for all the info and help

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4/25/14 1:45 P

Nina. I have been on Coumadin for about 2 years now, and I just Googled foods with Vitamin K. You get a list of foods with high amounts, moderate, and low.

green leafy veggies, and soy are what you need to watch the most. I tend to eat no soy, except mayonnaise, but I aim for a certain amount of green leafy vegetables every week. Some days I have no Vit. K, and other days I have a huge salad, or 2.5 cups of broccoli. Get a base for how much you are consuming.. like 3 salads a week, or 8 servings of green leafy veggies a week, and just be as consistent as you can. If you eat spinach for example, eat it every week X amount of times, X amount of salads, X amount of broccoli.

This allows them to adjust dose when they test your PTINR. If you are consistent, you will stay on the same dose with minor changes, such as take and extra half a pill.

Doing this, I have been between 1.8-2.2 for most of the time. It kind of sucks because not only can you not go crazy if you find some tasty collard greens, but also because you HAVE to eat a certain amount of Vitamin K too, or else your blood gets too thin, and you start having nose bleeds, or any small cut bleeds for hours.

So just eat the same kinds, and quantity of foods with Vitamin K, and let the doctor adjust your doses to fit what you eat. Don't change what you eat. If you cut foods with Vitamin K that you would normally eat, you will eventually eat them again, and not have enough Coumadin to cover this, and make you blood thicker, and the risk for stroke greater.

So pick a comfortable level, be consistent, and hopefully within a few months, you have great control of it. I don't try to keep track of how many mg of Vitamin K I consume in a week, but based on my consistency with the PTINR testing, it must be close every week, just by controlling servings, and food types.

There may be a few months of adjustment as you learn control. You may go up to 3.6 next month, and have to cut your dose/ add more Vit. K, and the next have the opposite problem with a 1.2 , and need a larger dose/ cut Vit. K. Usually both you and your doctor can figure this out within a few tests though.

If low PTINR causes strokes, and a high may case you to bleed out, just rest assured that doctors are pretty good at making sure neither All I could think about was that Warfarin was rat poison, and killed them by making them bleed out, but I think you will find that it is pretty easy to stay between 2.0-3.0, and this doesn't plummet or soar with one meal. It takes a few days to move the number appreciably. Just listen to the doctor, and ask any questions if you have them.


this may help

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4/25/14 10:44 A

See and I was wrong I thought that the potassium K was the one that you wanted to track.

4/24/14 8:50 P

To my knowledge, vitamin K is not a nutrient that you can track at Sparkpeople.

Potassium (K) is; but don't confuse this with vitamin K.

The company that makes Coumadin has wonderful education materials with a food list that you can use to track amount ---ask your doctor for such education materials. This would be the most help to you.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/24/14 5:48 P

Go to My Trackers, Choose my nutrition, scroll to the bottom where it keeps track of your totals for the week. Choose add vitamin to track. Choose Vitamin K

The only problem with this is user entered foods. Not everyone tracks Vitamin K. So it may not be listed in the entry. So you would still have to track manually. Saving the items into your favorites and track that way.

4/24/14 5:09 P

Is there any way of adding vitamin K to the tracker. It is so important that I keep the K at the same levels.
I was low on potassium and Vitamin D. The tracker has helped me to keep track of those.
I have afib and there are an estimated 2.66 million people will have atrial fibrillation.
They put most of us on warfarin to thin are blood and we are not allowed to have but a certain amount of vitamin K and have it the SAME AMOUNT DAILY.

IT would be wonderful if Sparkpeople's tracker could keep track of this for us.

We are usually asked to loose weight also, on a low salt, low fat, diet. I think the Sparkpeople site is wonderful and so helpful for all the other I have to keep track of.


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