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5/9/10 6:52 P

That is what my doctor told me is that it comes from the spine when the immune system is down. So it is contagious if you are not careful? My doctor said they were not sure it was, but, she has seen families come in with it.

My problem is that I am so scared that I will get it again, I am going to get it again because of being so scared.

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5/9/10 12:46 P

Shingles is a oppertunist infection if your immunesystem is already down it jumps in like other infections..
It is the same virus that can cause chicken pox's. It can be given to other people, so hand washing is super important and if helping other people with it-use of rubber gloves is no1 way to avoid catching it. It is a herpes type virus. And older patients can be vaccinated against it if vaccinated against chicken pox....
Eat decent food, exercise and don't let yourself get run down to stress plus good hand hygienge if living with someone whom already has it..
The last person I saw whom had shingles was a cancer patient whom had chemo and omg.. The rashes were applied with creams regularly daily until the pain stopped.. Bed clothing change regularly and straight into a 60 degree plus wash.. Washing the area is okay, then reapplying the shingles cream is important..
With the above, even if unable to eat because of nausea being medicated for a terminal cancer- the shingles cleared up super fast..

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5/9/10 11:14 A

I had shingles about 2 years ago - the worst pain I ever felt. My nerves are distroyed. I cannot feel in that area.

Is there any way you can email me the diet? I will be going to my doctor this month and would like to take it to her to see what she thinks. She is one of those dr's that believes in eating right.


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10/15/09 9:42 A

I forgot to mention that lentil and beans (which are considered seeds) are also not in the diet, but thanks so much the food selection. I was baffled by what to make for meals. All I could see was what I couldn't have, not what I could so that is why I asked for help. I completely forgot about avocados! They were eliminated from my diet years ago, but now with more of my diet under control, they can go back in. Thanks so much for answerng my question and your suggestions.

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10/15/09 4:31 A

okay, no one has really tried to answer your question, so I will give it a go. I'm not trying to recommend recipes, just foods in general that are healthy but don't fall into the forbidden foods list.

- beans, chickpeas, lentils! extremely healthy and cheap!
- leafy greens (kale, lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard, beet greens)
- potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips - most can be cooked in many different ways. I like to roast a mix of them. Very healthy as long as you don't fry them!
- citrus fruits, apples, peaches and other stone fruits if still available where you are, seedless grapes
- avocados, great source of healthy fat
- olives, and olive oil
- yogurt (fat free or reduced fat)
- reduced fat cheese
- fish, turkey, chicken, lean cuts of pork or beef

As an example, you could make a very nice salad with:
spinach, lettuce, arugula, goat cheese, fresh fruit, chicken, and some olive oil and vinegar dressing.

I assume you're also on anti-viral drugs? I had shingles once and the drugs were extremely effective, and I certainly wasn't expected to follow any kind of diet or use lysine supplements.

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10/14/09 10:53 P

I work in a doctor's office and that is where I picked up the diet. It was prepared by one of the doctors and assembled as a handout for our shingles patients. We have no problem finding research to support this diet and treatment as follows: I am taking 1000 mg of lysine 3 times a day and adding zinc and and C also. I have hypericum oil which is specifically for nerve damage. Truthfully, I added hydro-cortisone cream a couple of times a yesterday, but since it often leads to depression, I'm not anxious to use it very much.

10/14/09 1:56 P

I am not aware of any reliable research or evidence to support the use of this diet for the prevention of shingles.

who provided this diet?
Are you under the care of a physician. There are medications and other treatment recommendations. This link will share more:

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10/14/09 12:41 P

Huh. News to me, but what do I know.

When I have had it, I've taken natural vitamin E (the oily kind our of a capsule) and rubbed it on the ouchies (gross parts) and taken a couple of E capsules. My doctor said he's never seen it clear up so fast. Of course, maybe I'm just lucky or contrary (no maybe there).

It might be worth asking about.

LINDYSUE52 Posts: 8
10/14/09 11:10 A

The basis of the diet is to increase lysine and also need to eliminate foods high in arginine. I've had shingles before and when you stick with the diet for a month or so, the symptoms seem to clear faster. When you ignore the diet, it lasts on and on. Other foods they suggest you avoid are all sugar & sweets (including aspartame), alcohol, coconut and bleached white flour foods. Fried foods are also a no-no. This is the first time I've had shingles since being on Sparkspeople so I thought I'd try to find something that would work that was also low-fat but filling.

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10/14/09 10:16 A

??? I've never heard of any need to alter your diet because of Shingles. Where did this come from? It really doesn't make much sense.

LINDYSUE52 Posts: 8
10/14/09 9:19 A

I have an outbreak of Shingles and at ends at what to eat! The foods to exclude are all nuts, seeds, all grains, caffeine, cola, chocolate, all berries, and any vegetables with seeds including eggplant, tomato or squashes. Please tell me what is left! What is recommended to eat is dairy and lean meat. Has anyone else had to deal with this (or other) very limited diet? Please help with suitable suggestions.

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