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9/16/18 11:13 A

Yes, I was very sick but each day I get better....I'm "me again" and loving it. Wondered for awhile there. I gained 40 lbs in the hospital but now it is 30 and I know I will make it and you can too!

May God bless you as he has me! emoticon

9/2/18 2:15 A

Today is a new day.

My running and eating went haywire when I moved house recently. My weight range is smaller than yours, but it's scary how quickly out bodies can accumulate weight!

GABY has been through the mill - it'd be great for you two to buddy up.

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GABY1948 SparkPoints: (895,302)
Fitness Minutes: (384,878)
Posts: 154,191
8/31/18 6:03 P

I'm sorry, but it happens.....after a 6 month hospitalization with sepsis and meds that did not agree with me, I have gained 30-40 lbs but I have lost the weight before and I can again. Think positive and maybe we can sort of partner up and lose together again!

Either way we CAN DO IT!

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8/28/18 8:32 P

I am depressed not just for my weight gain but for how lousy I feel. After our housefire the desire to workout was lost. Then my knee injury so now all I can do is walk. I used to run 5 miles a day. Now I'm 50 pounds heavier and hate starting over. emoticon

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