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AMESHIA Posts: 8
7/12/07 11:38 A

I like you size treats. That's cute. When did you start sparks?

7/12/07 10:38 A

What a day Sheila. Good job I am proud of you too!

7/12/07 10:35 A

emoticon to all our new challengers: Jacquelinea, Dawn, Windsurfmom, Bestnewme, Sue, Ameshia, Blacklight

Good luck with this challenge.

Angie - That is ok!

Yvonne - Good suggestion with the brushing your teeth idea! Love it!

emoticon Jelaineb and Nina for passing the challenge last night.

I didn't quite make the deadline last night. I new I wouldn't but was prepared for it. It was my coffee night out with a few close girlfriends and due to the heat we didn't meet up until 8 and so we sat outside and I had a chai frappicino and gabbed until 11. I didn't go to bed until after midnight and I stopped eating/drinking by 9 so I still followed the stop eating two hours before bedtime but didn't meet the challenge but I am ok with that.
I know today I will as it is my last two days of my cleanse and they are fasting days so it won't be a problem tonight!

Good luck today ladies!

TEACHERH Posts: 1,720
7/12/07 10:35 A

Well, I did a positively heroic feat last night. I had gotten only 6 hrs sleep the night before and was dead on my feet by 6 pm last night. All I wanted to do was lie down and quite frankly the floor would have feen a fine place to do it.

BUT with the baby and 3 year old and supper to fix and another potty training accident to clean up (and laundry to start before it gets smelly), of course I had to keep going. And of course hubby was working late so I had to do it all myself. That is the most dangerous circumstances for me and I easily could have munched my way through the whole evening.

But, I remembered the challenge and my goals and I ate supper and that was it. I made myself stay awake long enough to fold laundry, clean the kitchen, and start the dishwasher and went straight up to bed at 9, the earliest I could manage.

So, that's my big accomplishment! It may not sound like a lot but it took real focus and I'm proud of myself!


TEACHERH Posts: 1,720
7/12/07 10:26 A

Welcome SWEET-T,

I'm glad you decided to join the challenge! Together we can do what one of us cannot do alone. Be sure to keep checking in and let us know how you are doing.


TEACHERH Posts: 1,720
7/12/07 10:22 A

Welcome FEELING-GR8!

The more the merrier on this challenge! We need each other to support and share as we make changes in our lives and our attitudes. May you find here the inspiration to tackle what happens after 8:00 pm!


7/12/07 8:53 A

I am taking this challenge. This forces me to drink tea and water after 8. This will be the challenge of all challenges!

AMESHIA Posts: 8
7/12/07 7:48 A

This is my first day of no eating after 8 pm. I am the same way. I t will be a reall challenge to not eat but I know I can do it!!!!

NIAGARASUE Posts: 1,337
7/12/07 7:18 A

I can do wonderfully all day and then consume three workouts worth in an evening of grazing!

Day one, here I come!!! (If you don't mind another person jumping on board!)


SKAUT21 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 475
7/12/07 6:13 A

It was a better day yesterday!

calories: 1293
last snack: 7:30 pm
exercise: 30 Minutes at Curves

JELAINEB SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,419)
Posts: 977
7/12/07 1:22 A

water: 15 cups
exercise: 30 minutes, treading water in pool
strengthening exercises, yard work, gardening, walked 30 minutes.

JELAINEB SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,419)
Posts: 977
7/12/07 1:16 A

I just missed the 8pm deadline...didn't notice the time and at 8:20, I measured out a serving of baby carrots....never thought about it until i was almost done eating them...darn it!!!

VIXEN_DIVA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,160)
Posts: 452
7/12/07 12:53 A

A cup of diet pepsi cured that. Thank you emoticon

AFICIONADA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 254
7/12/07 12:42 A

Stay strong Dawn and BestNewMe! Drink some water or go chew some gum. Actually, brushing your teeth may help - I rarely want to eat anything after my mouth tastes all spearimint-y!



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VIXEN_DIVA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,160)
Posts: 452
7/12/07 12:28 A

It's 11:25pm I want something to snack on. It's just because my daughter and her cousin are munching out there. I'll be ok. I won't do it!

ANGYBBY Posts: 122
7/12/07 12:27 A

Wow! This is a hard one. I'm starving and it's 9:25 PM. I'm so glad I just found this challenge.

AFICIONADA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 254
7/12/07 12:15 A

Well, first day in and I didn't end up eating dinner until 8:30. I got off work late and then waited for my boyfriend to get off work... Still, I won't be eating any snacks tonight, I did my cardio workout *after* I ate, and I'm still going to be active for another hour or two, cleaning up the house, so I don't think I did too bad today.

Cals: 1,615 / 1500 :(
Cardio: 300 cals, 30 min.
Last "snack": 8:30pm

Good luck to everyone else!


ANGIENICHOLAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 276
7/12/07 12:09 A


work 6 hrs inventory in the fashion deparment of the store I work for running finding prices for the people counting and also recounting what they did to make sure it was write. walked 30 stairs about like 10 times in that same shift plus an extra 15 stairs and walked 45 minutes between my buses to and from work.
calories are 1677/1550
I work nights or evenings sorry and sometimes when I come home I am hungry cause I usually have my break around 6 so by the time I get home at 9:45 I am starved but I eat usually healthy. I was feeling down tonight cause I have been having problems with my stomach and binged on cookies. Will try harder tomorrow. Sorry ladies good luck to everyone else

WINDSURFMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,765)
Posts: 50
7/11/07 10:56 P

I'm game! This is when I get in the most trouble...I could use some accountability.

VIXEN_DIVA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,160)
Posts: 452
7/11/07 10:41 P

I'm another one who also would like to join as well.

7/11/07 10:37 P

I would love to join as well.

7/11/07 8:08 P

emoticon Nina! That is okay. You owned up to it and today is another day.

emoticon Jenni,SWEET-T, and Yvonne. We always have room for more!

AFICIONADA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 254
7/11/07 8:03 P

Can I join in? I'd love to do this and really need to be kept accountable. One of my worst habits is watching a movie/TV and munching on popcorn or drinking a beer at night. I've done well so far this week, but I know temptation will come a'knockin...


SWEET-T SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,875)
Posts: 1,350
7/11/07 6:24 P

I am so wanting to do this, a BIG ONE for me to do

JESUS-EYES Posts: 47
7/11/07 6:14 P


I just saw this and wondered if it's too late to join? This is one of my biggest challenges and I have not gotten a handle on this one yet.

I would really like to be accountable for this one if you have room!


SKAUT21 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 475
7/11/07 5:50 P

Hey all!

I don't think I want to be honest about yesterday's caloric intake but I will be:

no eating after 8 pm!!!
Calories: 2,126
no workout (hurt my back, so taking it SLOW)

UGH, you have no idea how I wanted to avoid it - that was the worst day in weeks. Oh, well... today was a much better day!

7/11/07 4:02 P


I find by having to write down and be accountable especially for the last time you are going to snack for the evening it makes it easier to stay out of the cupboards!

Good Luck and I am glad you found your way to our challenge.


JEN683 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 137
7/11/07 3:29 P

Yay I really want to do this night eating is mean.. I have been trying for soooo long to stop eating so late at night its kickin my butt. I am glade I am taking on this challenge and I hope i can stick to it. emoticon

7/11/07 3:26 P


Rael82 - If I was you I would just go with water if you can. But broth isn't a bad choice!

Angie - Today is another day!

RAEL82 Posts: 3
7/11/07 1:42 P

Hi I'm in for tonight...Lastnight I didnt eat a thing after 8 pm, tonight if i get bored watching tv...I'll make a cup of vegetable broth or a cup of chamomile tea...think this is a good idea?

BECKERC Posts: 5
7/11/07 12:50 P

I'm in. This is definitely a challenge for me. Unfortunately, last night was the midnight show of HP so that meant a small popcorn at the theater. Generally, I just get bored because I have dinner at 5:30 or so and then by the the time bedtime rolls around 10 or 11, I need something to do with my hands. Maybe if I have a cup of tea that will help. Have a great day!

TEACHERH Posts: 1,720
7/11/07 12:49 P

This is a great challenge for me! I tend to eat late to keep myself from falling asleep when I still have work to do.

So, one strategy is to hustle my behind from the minute I walk in the door - multitasking laundry, dinner, feeding the baby and cleaning up after the 3 year old. Many days I come home tired and I let it all get ahead of me, especially when we have 2 potty training accidents in the same hour!

But I do think that is my best bet, maintain momentum so I'm not sitting there at 10:30 still working, by then I'm so sleepy I'm on autopilot and it is hard not to munch.


ANGIENICHOLAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 276
7/11/07 12:24 P

I didn;t make it yesterday of the not eating past 8

I did work out for 8 hours at work
I also took the stairs several times yesterday
still need to track calories for yesterday will update todays later. gonna try not to eat past 8 tonight work till 9 so should be easy. have a good day ladies

7/11/07 12:47 A

Who is left take hasn't checked in yet?

By my records we need to hear from:


JELAINEB SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,419)
Posts: 977
7/11/07 12:04 A

oops, wrote down water intake instead of exercises...
cardio-----30 minutes (bicycling at the gym)
picked 4 gallons of boysenberries and 2 gallons of marion berries
went swimming in our creek's pool with grandkids for 11/2 hours (not sure how much time actually was swimming, though)...had a huge waterfight, which I lost.
trimmed blackberry canes along a fence and hauled to burning pile
and, washed and hung out 3 loads of clothes...busy day. And, I shouldn't gripe about this wonderful site that's free, but it sure would be nice to be able to add a lot of my activities ...when I put them in and click on search, it often says they can't add this exercise or some such...let me just say to the powers that be...picking 6 gallons of berries on a hot July day IS exercise!!!!Joy

JELAINEB SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,419)
Posts: 977
7/10/07 11:59 P

great challenge!!!
calories for today...1270
last snack at 6:15 pm...(blue bunny sugar free fudge bar...50 calories)
water for today.....15 cups

RAEL82 Posts: 3
7/10/07 11:27 P

I would definitly love to join this challenge

7/10/07 11:16 P

I would love to join as well.
Daily Calorie 1750
Exercise:50 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes weights, and 10 minutes stretching
Last snack: 6PM


7/10/07 10:08 P

Daily Calories: n/a doing a cleanse until Friday
Exercise: 60 minutes (in the HEAT!)
Last snack: Nutrilean+ shake at 7:15pm

WTG ladies!

7/10/07 10:04 P

Absolutely everyone can join! The more the merrier!

KIMBERLY723 Posts: 65
7/10/07 9:20 P

I'd love to join if its alright!!
calories: 1350
exercise: 90 minutes total
last time I ate: 6:30PM

7/10/07 8:50 P

I am definately in! Snacking is my nemesis.
exercise:1 hour yoga
snack:dinner at 7:00

ANGEL97496 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,480)
Posts: 1,041
7/10/07 8:43 P

I'm in if it's okay...
Calorie intake 1248
Exercise minutes 2 hrs
Also did 1 hr mowing and 1 hour gardening
Last snack 6:00 pm

7/10/07 3:56 P

All right ladies. I think we have a nice group to help motivate each other to stay out of the cupboards in the evening.

Lets start by checking in daily with the following:
-Daily Calorie total
-Exercise minutes (if any)
-Time of last snack for the day

If you are having urges in the evening feel free to post a HELP and anyone online will try to talk you out of it or at the very least into choosing a more healthy choice! LOL

By doing this you may be able to see a pattern to your evening snacking by either not eating enough through the day or too much of the wrong foods. Days you exercise and when you did will have an impact too.

By cutting out evening snacking we will all be on the road to "living our best life" in no time!

Good Luck to everyone! (and anyone now wishing to join our challenge please feel free)


7/10/07 2:28 P

Hi, all. I am definitly in for this challenge. My husband is gone during the week and after I put my daughter to bed the first place I seem to head for is the cupboard for something to snack on and don't quit until I go to bed. I think if I report back I will be doing better.

7/10/07 12:20 P

Hi evryone, hope you don't mind another addict! As my name states it all, I have a problem eating at night! I have just started not eating past 8pm so this is a great challenge. I will have a better chance if I am not alone. Thanks and good luck to all of you!

CD1954182 Posts: 2,489
7/10/07 9:16 A

I don't eat after 8:00 but my husband snacks so I life the room.

ANGIENICHOLAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 276
7/10/07 8:34 A

I'll join that challenge thats my worse time to snack to is the evening time. I have been trying to not eat past 8pm naybe if i have someone else to report to then it might help.

SKAUT21 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 475
7/10/07 8:27 A

I make it a daily goal - I've been reading his book and it's such great advice to go along with everything that you learn on SP!

Count me in!!!

7/10/07 1:57 A

Bob Green (the Oprah Show - Best Life Diet) says it is important to stop all eating and drinking (except water) at least two hours prior to bedtime. Oprah said she sets a certain time as bedtime can fluctuate making easier to not follow the rule.

I have been following and challenging myself to not eat anything after 8pm since I started on SP because snacking while watching evening TV was my biggest weakness.

I have been successful and now want to challenge anyone else that has the nasty evening snacking habit to join me in this challenge. I also want this to be a support thread for helping others to not snack in the evening.

Good Luck!


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