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MTPGYPSY Posts: 50
7/7/18 10:51 A

Today is July 7th. I weighed today and I have lost 2 lbs. I hope I can make good choices this second week too. Tomorrow after church we are having a lunch for Pastor Mike, It is being catered by SubWay so I am hoping I can make good choices. I didn't eat out this past week and I really think that helps my journey a lot. I can't seem to make real good choices when I eat out. I go with good intentions but some how they always get lost. So I am better off just eating at home.

MTPGYPSY Posts: 50
7/3/18 9:03 A

July 3rd. Went and got a whole bunch of salad stuff. Had a nice salad for lunch yesterday.I am also going to sit down this morning and write out meal menus. When I was successful at loosing weight I wrote out daily meal menus each week. I also need to purge my cupboard of all unhealthy snack items. And I need to figure out what would be best for night time snacks.

MTPGYPSY Posts: 50
7/2/18 9:19 A

July 2nd --- went out to lunch yesterday after church. We ate at a Chinese restaurant. I ordered cashew chicken and brought 1/2 of it home. Still a lot of calories. I plan on going to the store today and stocking up on salad fixings.

MTPGYPSY Posts: 50
7/1/18 8:47 A

Today is July 1st. I weighed in and I am back at my all time high --- not a good thing to see. I always start out all gungho and then within a few days I just peter out. I need to find some inspiration and encouragement. I need to use will power and be careful what I order when eating out. I really think that a lot of my snacking ( usually potato chips or candy bars) is out of boredom. When I go grocery shopping I need to stay clear out of those isles. So I guess about all I can say right now is -- here's to doing it right and sticking to it this time.

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