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11/6/14 2:11 P

Great. Love you are doing so well.

Dr. Mercola (he's a medical doctor) says it is helpful to fast about 2 days each week and give our bodies a rest. Makes sense since our ancestors didn't find food everyday and now we eat about five times each day. I'm sure that is not natural. Even in the forest, the monkeys have to move around to find food and then there is some weeks when little is ripened enough. We just eat all the time now, so it is no wonder we deal with Diabetes and all the other health issues we have.

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11/3/14 1:53 P

I have been with the program for a little over three weeks. I have lost 18 pounds through exercise and eating healthy. I have not been starving myself and so far have not had any big cravings. I have been focusing on getting full by eating healthy meals or snacks several times a day. I feel good about myself and feel determined that I will be able to take off my goal weight!

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