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LIN1263 Posts: 14,902
2/11/18 3:11 A

I do not weigh food, depending on what the food is I will have 1-2 servings, for lasagne it would be one, some low calorie vegetable dishes I would have 2 servings. You might try a lower calorie lasagne that you like in the frozen section of the supermarket, possibly regular, diet or gluten free specialty frozen item section. Some low calorie ones I like or I add a topping to improve it. Some stores have single portions of frozen lasagne. I live alone so would never make it. Most times I only have it one time a year in a restaurant, larger portions so nothing with it. If I had a family I would make it at home & slightly change the recipe for taste as well as being healthier & lower calorie. If I made it for company I would use a smaller pan & make 1/2 the recipe.

COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,485
2/11/18 1:18 A

Thanks, everyone! You offered excellent suggestions. Luckily the box of leftover lasagna was enjoyed in small servings through about 4 meals at home, so the "damage" was spread over several days.

I've been following SP for about 8 years and just love the support & continuing education! Thanks again!

CATE195 Posts: 8,895
2/10/18 6:51 A

My husband makes a great lasagna! When he makes it I have a small slice and a salad. I'm not sure how to count the calories either so I picked one from the list. I picked Mama Joy's Lasagna, it had a recipe that was pretty close to my husbands. Yes I put one serving and decided if it wasn't exactly right the sky wouldn't fall down.
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2/10/18 12:14 A

Great advice... :)
The other option is to take a similar product and "guestimate". Just for grins, I popped up two entries for Lasagna: Costco, and my old family standby:
Lasagna: Meat Lasagna (Kirkland) 1cup(226g), 226 gram(s) ⊗
Cal 340 Carb 23 Fat 17 Protein 22 Fiber 2 Na 620mg
Patti's Lasagna 1/12 13x9x2 pan, 1 serving (view recipe) ⊗
Cal 423 Carb 39 Fat 19 Protein 27 Fiber2 Na 987mg

Since I'm now watching my carbs more now, I usually take about a half a serving of my own homemade, and enjoy a big salad. Nice, occasional dinner!! Enjoy,

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MLAN613 Posts: 22,539
2/9/18 5:05 P

LOL, Columbine! I think a lot of are sneaky like that. And then, low and behold, we are here on SparkPeople trying to reverse our sneakiness. emoticon

Remember, though, knowledge is power. Maybe that restaurant lasagna 900 calories as suggested earlier. In the future, maybe you can prepare for that? Eat a big old salad for lunch and maybe order a good side salad at the special dinner with the lasagna. Get a box immediately and put 1/2 into it or split the entree with someone and each of you order a salad. Or whatever.

Another good action plan is to look ahead of time, if possible, at the restaurant's menu. Sometimes they list nutrition info, sometimes not. A lot of the smaller local restaurants might not have nutrition info. You can maybe see what you can order ahead of time.

For example, I am meeting a friend on Sunday at a local burger place. I will probably order a burger with no bun to save on calories and get a side of fruit or the side salad. I will track as close as possible. I will also confirm the patty size with the server to make tracking a bit more accurate. Sometimes, you have to do the best you can. I have found that servers are usually willing to work with you if you are pleasant about it.

I also think there are no "bad" choices. I assume you don't eat the lasagna every day and it was delicious. Therefore, I think it was worth the calorie investment. The SP way basically allows for everything in moderation.

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COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,485
2/9/18 3:00 P

Good idea! I haven't adapted to that wise strategy. Thanks for the tip! (maybe...just may-be I was hoping NOT to get the nutrition information so I could pretend it's "not THAT bad".when I know it IS that bad. (I'm sneaky that way 🙄)

MLAN613 Posts: 22,539
2/9/18 6:04 A

I am glad it was delicious and you made a good choice in bringing some home. Did you check to see if the restaurant has a website with the nutrition info listed?

NITEMAN3D Posts: 19,832
2/9/18 3:42 A

From what I see, a good guess would be between eight and nine hundred calories per pound and more than enough sodium for the entire day and half of tomorrow. That's why I have to go with salad in those places. I can usually make room for the calories and fat, but the salt is beyond allowing for.


COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,485
2/9/18 12:13 A

I had some at a restaurant (not a good choice, but boy, was it delicious!). Then I took it home & had a small amt at several meals. I found it when I searched, but the best match said "one serving". Wonder what that would be ?

MLAN613 Posts: 22,539
2/8/18 6:26 A

Ounces? Providing an exact answer is a bit challenging as their are many variables.

Does the recipe you use tell you how many servings it creates? For example, the recipe I linked below from SparkRecipe says it creates 12 servings out of a 9" x 13" pan.

What you could do is prepare the lasagna, divide it into the number servings, and weigh the serving.

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COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,485
2/7/18 11:44 P

How many ounces are considered a serving of lasagna?

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