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ZRIE014 Posts: 355,937
10/15/17 12:34 A

i had a problem with my knee. my doctor scheduled me for physical therapy. it did not help because i only got worst. so i had knee surgery.

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10/14/17 10:47 P

Physical Therapy is your best bet. It sounds to me as if your son needs a specialized program of recovery. A PT would serve that need much better than people who are strangers to his needs, like us here.

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10/14/17 7:55 A

I'd go with the physical therapy. They can target the muscles and help you formulate a home plan. Ask around to see if any of your friends can help you with a recommendation for a good PT person.

If you're live in an area with a pilates studio, a couple of private lessons on the Reformer would also contribute to helping him and yourself understand alignment. This is pricey and not covered my health insurance.

ZRIE014 Posts: 355,937
10/14/17 12:44 A

you definitely need a specialist

MIAMIRN Posts: 2,956
10/13/17 2:37 P

Hi! emoticon

Both my children have problems with their legs. They are adults now. I wish I had taken them to get physical therapy. One orthopedic doctor said my son's problem would go away on it's own. My daughter's problem was very slight. When she was an adult she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Sjogren's Disease. It was the cause of most of her discomfort. But that was almost 45 years ago. Things were a little different back then.

I am a retired pediatric rehabilitation RN. I can give you some information and advise that should help you.

In my opinion, I would take your son to the physical therapist. I wouldn't rely on standard exercises. Your son need prescribed and special exercises that only a physical therapist can give him. He will give you a home program as well as give your son his therapy. The home program is the key to getting your son better. You will need to do the home program for months or more. He will give you and your son special exercises that directly target his problem area. After a while those exercises will be a lifestyle. Many times exercises keep the problem for recurring. Sometimes therapy and home exercises help it to go away permanently. The physical therapist will tell you to do home exercises, but it is up to you and your son to keep it up.
It's very good to ask the physical therapist to give you a print out from his stock of exercises. You need to ask the physical therapy to give you them for each visit. PT may do some exercises every visit, sometimes he will do other exercises. It just depends on his plan of care. Many times you can find the same exercises on SparkPeople. But the technique used for same exercises, when they are done and why are they done will not be shown or demonstrated here. This you have to learn for your home program from the physical therapist.

I wish you the best of luck!


emoticon emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,132
10/13/17 2:06 P

Getting advice from a physical therapist is a better idea than us speculating about what might or might not help.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

XOIYASPARK SparkPoints: (23,093)
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10/13/17 1:44 P

When my son walks his right foot goes inward. We went to the doctor yesterday October 12 because he was having leg pain in that leg (he's 10 years old) and we asked her about it. She said it was just something that will always happens because it is in his DNA and to just do some exercises to strengthen up his hip muscle. Here is where I am in need of some help. Does anyone know of any good exercises for him to do at home. She suggested going to PT to get some ideas but I thought I would check here first.

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