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PRINCESSPP Posts: 7,722
6/11/18 12:17 P

Alot of wonderful suggestions here .. Someone said "allow yourself alittle leaway" .. I have that going on with Ice cream .. I was having mega problems with ice cream consumption .. I thought about it .. and now my "ice cream days are ONLY Saturday's and Sunday's" .. I've slipped occasionally but for the most part am proud of myself and have held steady .. even hubby has come on board by not asking me if I want some on the weekdays...

Too much of a good thing will cause problems .. What I read in your posting .. and saw was maybe .. just maybe your overdoing it without allowing yourself to eat more than veggies day in and day out .. I applaud you for your success in your losses .. however .. what's going to happen when you get to your goal .. ?? and allow yourself different foods .. ??

I'm reading that maybe the necessity of some type of healthy fats are needed .. ?? Can you sautee your veggies with a chicken breast and make up a stirfry .. and if you want to get fancy, make up some "cauliflower rice" .. and have a stirfry ?? Sautee your meal in olive oil ??? giving you some healthy fats ... that way you would still have your veggies, and protien as well ..

Good luck in your adventures .. and I wish you continued successes .. Just work through this "I'm tired of .. " syndrome with a few 'non reactive' extras .. :)

EO4WELLNESS SparkPoints: (328,884)
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6/9/18 3:29 P

I like veggies a WHOLE lot more when I focus on nutrition. So I ran across some YouTubes by a physician who has taught nutrition at the University level and started watching them periodically. No serious commitment here--just a random YouTube now and then. This guy brings out the endocrine textbooks and such and quotes from them, but in a simple way--he truly has a gift to teach and make learning EASY for the student. Viola! A month or two later, I'm understanding what I eat impacts my health in visceral way because of the nutrition it does, or conversely, does not, have within it. Like-all along-I of course knew this--but not in the way I know it now--it is deeply a part of who I am--seriously, where before it was other people's wisdom littering my brain with their thinking (if you know what I mean). Now, I can eat vegan, vegetarian, and carnivorously and enjoy life. I don't feel deprived of "food" eating vegetarian meals. I feel grateful to have the nutrition I need within my body to make myself feel better than I did when I ate the "junk" I loved (but which was devoid of nutrition). Having said this, I also want to add, tho I do not have diabetes or any known issues significant enough to "show up" on tests, I didn't find this new love of veggies and being able to see them for the nutrition they contain UNTIL I had insulin subdued. As I learned from the MD professor, the SAD (standard american diet) can cause an over abundant supply of insulin. In the presence of insulin, the body does not burn fat stores; thus, you do not lose those pounds you are looking to shed.

JWARD199 Posts: 2,499
6/7/18 8:00 A

Here is a snack that I love when I am craving something crunchy and fatty.

Cheese Crackers
Preheat oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (important to keep from sticking to pan).
Place 4 slices of cheese (real cheese, any kind, but not American or Velveeta, which are processed) on pan.
Bake for 8 to 10 minutes (turning pan after 4 minutes for even baking).
Take them out when crisp but not burnt. Let cool (it only takes a few minutes). Then break them into snack size pieces and enjoy!

DOITTOIT1203 SparkPoints: (7,362)
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6/3/18 10:16 A

This message board conversation has provided me with renewed interest in vegetables and their preparation. I want to thank everyone who so kindly shared their coping measures. I now have a new attitude!

OLIVINE Posts: 2,991
6/1/18 2:53 A

Veggies and fruits are my life

WILDHORSEOCTAVI SparkPoints: (1,930)
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5/30/18 11:09 A

Have you tried sauteeing them?

Try taking 125g soft butter and about 1/5tbsp of honey. Mash them together and place onto some clingfilm. Wrap the blob in the clingfilm and mould into a brick shape. Let it set in the freezer and then when you have to cook veg, sautee them in the butter mix. I've also added cayenne pepper to the butter.

It might help with your craving for grease, plus I've read that eating your veg with a little fat helps with vitamin absorption. Something to do with the fact that many of the vitamins in veg are fat soluble so having a little fat with them helps you get more out of them. Feel free to correct me on that though.

SABLENESS Posts: 9,292
5/29/18 12:59 P

I like veggies, but I like fruit a lot more.

SMILES4383 Posts: 16,390
5/27/18 9:53 P

LISAG66 Posts: 72
5/19/18 2:16 P

We've found a really good brand of tortillas and wraps by Ole Mexican Foods, their Xtreme Wellness brand. They are low carb and have a nice amount of protein in them and are high in fiber. They must be popular because they get sold out quickly where we buy groceries. I really like the spinach and herb one.

Also we discovered that cauliflower can be boiled until real soft and then whizzed in a blender and used as a sauce base for gravy, soups, even good ol' mac and cheese. Although I haven't found a low carb pasta replacement for myself yet, the family still has it once in while.

1965KAREN Posts: 3,513
5/15/18 3:11 A

I also like using different spices and seasonings to my veggies. Trying to cut out sodium has lead me to some great tasting veggies with simply changing the flavor with spices. Good luck to you. I also try to pick up one new fruit or veggie when I am at the store, that I haven't ever tried before. Keeping it interesting!

KMILLER31 Posts: 4,825
5/14/18 8:44 P

Veggies can be added to many foods without changing the flavor. And it's not hard to dump a bag of frozen veggies in a pan to cook. I keep a variety on hand all the time.

5/14/18 4:33 P

One often overlooked piece of the jigsaw puzzle to healthy eating is what eating veggies do for your digestive track.... While you might get the vitamins/minerals from a won't be supporting your microbes that help you digest and absorb nutrients... nor will you be providing the fiber that keeps your system moving properly.

If you are bored with your veggies, or just need a change....go hit up the frozen foods sales aisle. Put a stash in your freezer for those times your budget/interest needs a break.

Personally, I could never be happy as a vegan/vegetarian...but I find the longer I keep focusing on eating healthy, the more veggies I include. Might be left over veggie stirfry for lunch 4 times a week....but I actually look forward to it! All the best,

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (13,191)
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5/14/18 4:01 A

" Is just having a multivitamin a good temporary replacement for veggies, because I sure don't feel like making a fuss out of having my veggies today. Bah...."

- Message Posted by: SHIMMERSPARK - 5/13/2018

From an optimistic perspective, I'd say its possibly better than nothing.
From a realistic perspective, I'd say just no.

5/13/18 7:51 P

I need to eat veggies today, but have little in the house, if at all, and I just don't feel like going to the store. Is just having a multivitamin a good temporary replacement for veggies, because I sure don't feel like making a fuss out of having my veggies today. Bah.

Update: Well, I just looked through all my cupboards and made a so so freggie shake. It will do for today: Recipe: tomatoes, cilantro, cranberry sauce, pinto beans (for fiber), stevia sweetner, and lactose free creamer

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SPUNOUTMOM Posts: 1,548
5/11/18 3:58 P

My husband loves those same foods. I make them but I add lots of small cut up veggies. Tacos, nachos are really easy to add lots of veg. The nachos are the best because I can hide veggies under cheese. And he loves salsa and it is a very healthy and easy condiment.

DISNEYDAMSEL1 SparkPoints: (66,480)
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5/3/18 8:14 A

I made some veggie based cheesteaks out of Mushrooms. My hubby is a vegetarian, so I'm always watching for vegetarian stuff we both like. I've also made veggie sloppy Joes. I suggest Going to pinterest. You said you're craving bread and fatty meats are you not eating bread of any kind? Have you tried cloud bread?

JANICEK56 Posts: 210
5/2/18 9:19 P

I like to try new vegetarian recipes from the internet. It does keep away the boredom. I have recipes from Oh My Veggies delivered via email every other day or so.

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IMREITE SparkPoints: (492,224)
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Posts: 24,706
4/28/18 9:32 P

research a new veggie and use it. sometimes i find using a new dip is helpful. even if it has some fat., at least i eat the veggies

FORMYHEALTH84 Posts: 108
4/27/18 11:18 A

My favorite way to eat veggies is in a big salad. I personally love southwestern/Mexican food, and a weekly staple in our house is a southwest salad. I use mixed baby greens for the base, and usually either do seasoned chicken or steak, then I load it up with pico de gallo, guacamole, corn salsa, etc. Tasty and fairly low calorie as long as you don't overdo the guacamole. I don't find that I even need cheese or sour cream.

WALKIN4JEANIE Posts: 1,279
4/27/18 9:05 A

I have found that I enjoy many vegetables more if they are raw or roasted in the oven or on the grill. I can even get my family to eat more vegetables now. I use a little bit of avocado oil and seasoning before I grill.

Try going to a farmers market and trying some new varieties. That may help as well.

IRISHROVER63 Posts: 410
4/23/18 10:45 P

I too am getting burned out on veggies. There are some good ideas here that I will be trying. Thanks!

CINDYTW963 Posts: 4,929
4/20/18 4:34 A

I think some of it probably is the mental aspect of what you are "supposed to" eat. Maybe try a different approach, for example keto, or if you are on keto now, calorie counting. Change it up! Also Pinterest is an amazing source of ideas! I do subscribe whole-heartedly to a cheat meal a week. Keeps a person sane!

PROVERBS31JULIA Posts: 5,671
4/19/18 11:15 P

There is a great YouTube by TED presenter Dr Sarah Hellberg "Don't fear the fat". One thing that people forget is most veggies have fat soluable vitamins (A, E, K etc). But what do we do in our low-fat fear? We boil or steam veggies to keep them low fat or eat raw. Our bodies can't assimilate the fat soluable vitamins - and they go bye-bye out our bodies, no nutritional benefit or "satiety" at all. Roast the veggies to carmalize the sugars so they don't hit us with the sugars, and drizzle the veggies with healthy monounsaturated oils like olive oil, or use ghee (butter with the cholesterol proteins skimmed out so that it doesn't spoil and doesn't have as much cholesterol.). It really doesn't take much - a teaspoon of oil or ghee or butter or coconut oil, etc, will go a loooonnnng ways towards giving a delicious flavor and satiety to our veggies, and unlocks the vitamins we need!!

PICKIE98 Posts: 64,180
4/19/18 9:26 A

I make vegetable soup with my leftovers, adding beef. Olive oil for the fat.

4/17/18 11:57 A

Try seeing if you can find different types of recipes: crockpot, cauliflower pizza crusts, breakfast egg cups with chopped veggies cooked in. If you're craving some of those fattier items try picking up some vegetarian options i.e. if you want a burger, try subbing it out for a yves veggie patty (I eat these all the time and really like them when I have a craving)...that way you're getting in your veg and curbing those cravings as well. Hope this helps!

4/17/18 11:19 A

Roasted vegies (carrots, cauliflower, yams, mini potatoes, brussels sprouts) - roasted with a nicely flavoured olive oil (I love dill or rosemary) with some fresh herbs - roast until carmelized - they taste meaty and luxurious! Also think that if you continue to have fat/meat cravings it may mean you need to add some of this into your diet on a semi regular basis. I am not a meat/fat eater but every couple of weeks I find I really need to have a good hearty dinner that includes a bit of these things - sometimes to much "deprivation" can cause diet burnout which can result in binging etc.!

CLMART3 SparkPoints: (52,407)
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Posts: 2,416
4/17/18 10:45 A

I like vegetables. I am on a low carb diet so I have to eat salads and non-starchy vegetables to balance meals and get the energy I need. Sometimes I get burn out but I think about the consequences of eating too many carbs and what state I was in when I did. So I try to get creative with making salads,and I learned to eat those forgotten vegetables like: brussel sprouts, broccoli, squash, zucchini, okra, etc.

4/17/18 10:37 A

Your body may need some healthy fats. Look it up and see what works for you and if that helps your cravings.
So many people have a misconception of healthy fats. Add some avocado to your fajitas or tacos. Cheers.

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,695)
Fitness Minutes: (24,124)
Posts: 4,676
4/15/18 7:51 P

Have you tried a pizza made with a cauliflower crust?

CED1106 Posts: 321
4/15/18 6:38 P

I'm using salads to replace bread. I'm also low carb, so high fat foods, such as cheese and high-fat salad dressing are okay. I just use salad and vegetables as something to stuff in my mouth between bites of meat...!

Roasted vegetables are great!

IMAPLAYER53 SparkPoints: (8,797)
Fitness Minutes: (9,479)
Posts: 214
4/15/18 1:44 P

I mix vegies with my hamburger (ground angus nice grainfed) ...onions, spinach, bell pepper, mushrooms or whatever I have on hand. This extends the meat, includes vegies, and I have portion control when I make up the patties. I put the recipe in sprkpeeps so I can me alot more vitamins etc.
As for bread, rarely buy it. I use Wasa (brand) hard crackers....whole grain, perfect for open faced sandwiches, and few ingredients. Also I find I tolerate rye much better than wheat so I get the Light Rye version or the whole grain version. I lived in Scandinavia for a while when I was younger LOL they have it for breakfast mostly.

ELIZABETHLAKE63 SparkPoints: (29,772)
Fitness Minutes: (7,880)
Posts: 190
4/13/18 12:39 A

That’s a really good idea. I guess I just never have let myself have a treat day so i’m Letting my cravings kick in. I’m gonna give your plan a try😊

ELIZABETHLAKE63 SparkPoints: (29,772)
Fitness Minutes: (7,880)
Posts: 190
4/13/18 12:34 A

Thanks so much for the pep talk. I will give it a try. I think you’re right about the resentment of eating what I’m supposed to instead of what I want to. That hit the nail on the head for me! Lots to think about.

URBANREDNEK Posts: 10,023
4/12/18 10:59 P

Kudos on great job so far!

Personally, I'd start including an occasional meal with the items that you are craving. In my world, there is nothing wrong with bread (I include it almost every day, actually) or tacos or fajitas, and I would definitely be able to include them as part of my regular meal rotation. Really, start checking the nutrition, check out what portion size fits in to your world, and you're good to go. Besides - when you already have a couple of meals and a couple of snacks loaded with veggies and fruits, then you likely have all your nutrient needs covered and can afford a meal with meats and grains and fats and delicious goodness!

As for veggie burnout - it sounds to me like you're not just bored with the recipes that you've been using, but that you're also feeling a bit resentful at eating what you are "supposed to" instead of what you "want to". You might find that just having an occasional "craving" meal is enough to feel better about the veggies again.

I tend to give my "usual" veggies and preps a rest for a week or two when I start hitting "bored" stage - and spend that time trying new and different fruits and veggies, and trying different ways of using them. Vegan sites and books are a great resource for different ones, as already suggested, so definitely check some out. Now is also a great time to start checking around to see what type of fresh markets are around your area and start to do some browsing for idea. The farmers selling their own foods can be great sources of ideas on preps and recipes.

KELLY_R Posts: 3,114
4/12/18 9:23 A

Veggies do not need to be tedious and boring. :)

I suggest looking for some good vegetarian and vegan cookbooks so you can find new creative ways to incorporate them.

For instance you can still have fajitas and have veggies (when I think of fajitas I think of piles of bell peppers and onion, anyway.) It's ok to add a little cheese to them and maybe cook up some lean meat to throw in, too. Fajitas aren't naughty unless you bog them down with tons of cheese and sour cream and use fatty meats. (If you want a fajita to be sans meat, substitute in black beans, instead - add mushrooms, too.)

So, LOTS of possibilities out there.

For some good vegan recipes check out and . You can always sub in some dairy or meat if you feel the need.

LOTUS737 Posts: 6,242
4/12/18 8:58 A

Make a portabella cheesesteak and enjoy it :) Mushrooms can be a great meat replacement (or add-in- sub for half of the meat in a recipe). Thinly sliced portabellas can be baked/grilled/panfried. If you search mushroom bacon you may find that really satisfying too! It's quite easy to make at home.

Once in a while it's worth incorporating some of the things you're craving. If you want a cheesy fatty sandwich, why not go for it? Have some veggies throughout the day and enjoy the sandwich alone for a meal.

I also hide veggies in some indulgent recipes. So if I make turkey/chicken meatball subs, I'll add some grated onions/carrots/zucchini to the meatballs and sometimes blend others into the sauce itself. You don't really notice them but you're benefiting from them :)

4/12/18 8:42 A

Do you like mushrooms? I like to roast portebellas with garlic and cheese. It's really pretty hardy and filling.

4/12/18 8:07 A

Congratulations and great job on you're weight loss! That's awesome!!

I like to make taco salad. I fry added vegetables into the taco meat to bulk up the beef. Then I add the spices and some crushed tomatoes. I put that on top of a salad with some mashed avocado. If I'm feeling really decadent (and have 'earned it' with a good workout) I'll add a few crushed tortilla chips for some crunch.

With vegetables I do like them plain but have found spices are my friend. Curries, soups and stews are an amazing way to eat lots of vegetables while getting lots of delicious flavours!

I prefer savory over sweet myself. Add a little fat to those veggies and they will be a lot more satisfying!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (311,404)
Fitness Minutes: (44,405)
Posts: 30,636
4/12/18 6:30 A

Have Roast Vege salad - goes well with a little balsamic dressing on it.

Maybe if you gave yourself permission to eat those foods that you crave, one day per two weeks, you would find that you didn't have such a difficult time. I have always practiced this (but not at the expense of fruit/veges because I have always love, loved LOVED them) For this to work properly, keep more toward the lower end of your range, and then you are 'saving' calories for that treat time that you gave yourself permission to have :-) I lost a lot of weight, and have been maintaining for a few years practicing this .... it really does work if you do it properly.


MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (13,191)
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Posts: 4,062
4/12/18 4:11 A

I say eat some fatty meat if you're craving it.

ELIZABETHLAKE63 SparkPoints: (29,772)
Fitness Minutes: (7,880)
Posts: 190
4/11/18 9:53 P

Thanks. I’ll try that. Hope it works👍

NIRERIN Posts: 14,637
4/11/18 9:12 P

What about having roast vegetables on a sub roll, maybe with a little cheese? 6" corn tortillas are 120 cals for 2 and you can load them with whatever vegetables and meat you choose.

ELIZABETHLAKE63 SparkPoints: (29,772)
Fitness Minutes: (7,880)
Posts: 190
4/11/18 7:30 P

I eat my veggies day in and day out . I try new things and new ideas, but I’m seriously getting tired of all the veggies. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make me love my veggies again? I am truly craving something with bread that’s fried and cheesy and fat and oh so bad, with no vegetables! HELP!!!! It’s been 2 months and 11-1/2 lbs down. I can’t give in now😢. I don’t crave sugar thank heavens, just bread and fatty meats and fajitas and tacos can I make veggies satisfy some of these cravings?

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