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LADYBUG-DR Posts: 631
8/10/17 10:40 A

I ordered this program a couple days ago along with also purchasing the protein powder, Metabolic Fuel Plus+ (which is quite spendy but I purchased it anyway). I'm anxious to receive this program and get started.

NITEMAN3D Posts: 25,066
6/14/17 1:12 P

The newer version is Metabolic Prime. I checked it out before and I don't think it's an atrocious ripoff because it's under $40 if you don't buy any "supplements". If you just can't help yourself and have a burning need to spend the money, I don't see much downside other that whizzing away forty bucks. The free thing to do would be to set up your SparkPeople program, use the trackers religiously and use all the free help you find here. SparkPeople won't try to sell you any snake oil either. Your choice. Good luck and have fun with whatever you choose.


SHOAPIE Posts: 34,513
6/12/17 2:11 P

Not familiar with it

NEEDTOBEFIT99 Posts: 141
6/8/17 3:15 P

Has anyone tried the metabolic aftershock exercise program and did it work for you?

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