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LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,904
11/16/17 10:13 A

Good for you for getting started! Keep going...your body will adjust gradually. Congratulations on moving!

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11/15/17 6:35 P

Yes. The good news is it takes only a week or so to get that first boost in fitness. That will help!

BLONDWUNN Posts: 6,258
11/15/17 4:30 P

I think everyone gets somewhat winded after exercising for a period of time.

CD2643806 Posts: 8,762
11/15/17 8:05 A

Oh yah thats normal

FREDDYTT Posts: 161
11/9/17 7:56 P

Anytime you make changes in your calorie intake (a calorie restriction), the kinds of foods you eat and the amount of physical energy you ask of your body, you're going to see and feel changes. At first you are going to be tired, possibly lethargic. I feel that way when I start trying to do things Im not used to doing and frankly, don't want to do. Sometimes my issue is mental. I just don't want to do it and that makes me force myself to move forward. When I recently started HIIT training, I could only do 10 minutes. I can now do 15-18 after a month.

I think you will find at your current weight, you will lose weight the fastest. Water weight will come first. You may get headaches, even irritable with people as you are adjusting to less calories and lower sugar in your diet. The first 7-10 days are the worst. Day 30-60 is also an adjustment. I felt like my body had to cleanse itself at first. I ate bad foods and tons of soda. I think it took my body at least 4 weeks to start feeling better after eating whole foods. Then after a month or so of eating clean foods, drinking more water, reducing sugar intake, I started feeling better. By that time I had already lost weight. As long as you stick with it and do good, two months in you should feel way better all around, even if you have a long way to go.

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SPUNOUTMOM Posts: 1,548
11/9/17 6:06 P

I had a similar reaction when I started exercising on a regular basis. It didn't last long though, I believe it was about 10-14 days. I think it took about 4 months before I thought I can do exercise consistently.

11/9/17 5:34 P

I'm 400 pounds and horribly deconditioned; MD has cleared me for activity. This last week I have definitely been moving more but am finding that I become more winded in general but also with activities I was already used to doing.

For example... walking from parking space to apartment used to have me on a 4-5 out of 10 scale with being winded but I was also more sedentary in general. Now, I am up moving at least every hour and doing more activities around the house in general (nothing crazy just light cleaning, putting dishes away, etc) but I am now finding that same walk will put me at a 7-8 on the same scale. Recovery is about 5 min; no chest pain, no irregular HR etc.

I am thinking this is just my body reacting to being more active in general and that I need to push through it... has anyone else had this same kind of reaction when they first started?


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