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Thank you both for your responses, they're greatly appreciated. Once I received my new brace I was told the only restriction I had was on anything high impact; all toning and muscle building so that I'm focusing on strength building in both of my knees.

The personal trainer idea is a great one, thank you for suggesting it. It's more my neck and shoulder I worry about because I used to lift with a personal trainer and the lack of strength I have in my right arm infuriates me, so I end up pushing myself too far.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that I should probably have access to a massage therapist, as well. It was nice to think I was done with biweekly visits to health professionals for a while

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I agree with the previous poster. It seems like, given the severity of the issue and how long it was going on, they should be able to give you a program to progress back to your previous fitness level. If they say you're allowed to do everything and anything with zero restrictions, you might consider scheduling a few appointments with a personal trainer. It might put your mind at ease to know someone is designing a program for you and also keeping a close eye on your form to make sure you're performing the exercises correctly.

Hope that helps,

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Did your PT and/or doctor give you a plan to work back up to where you were and maybe activities to avoid or even help the issue? If not, I would ask ASAP.

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Hey everyone, this is my first post here, but it's an issue that's been nagging me for months so I figured I may as well jump right in. The last 2 years have been interesting for me to say the least. I've never been one to get hurt or have nagging pains, and unfortunately, that's changed.

A little over 2 years ago I started getting unexplainable swelling in one arm, on that same side my neck would cramp up, and the most frightening part was that I started feeling tightness and spasms in the right side of my face. Of course, my first thought was that I was having strokes, but all of the testings came back that I was fine. I had X-Rays and MRI's done and, even though my Doc was seeing some degeneration and a few bulging discs it still didn't explain hat I was feeling. Decided to try Depo-Medrol injections in my C-Spine to see if it would help; it did help for about 2 months then everything came back full force.

My Doc's last ditch effort was to try and convince me to try Physical Therapy. By that time I was in so much pain I didn't care and I'm glad that's where I was at because my PT had diagnosed within 3 visits and within 2 months I regained the use of my arm. I had a PostOperative Scar Adhesion in my neck that had been silently constricting for 7 years and disfiguring the musculature throughout the right side of my body.

I worked with my PT for 3 months and he was able to loosen the right side of my body up, but it's been 6 months since I've been to seem and everything has started to tighten up. I'm wearing a compression brace on my shoulder to keep it in place while I'm at work, it's worked pretty well, and as of last week I am now in a lovely locking hinge DonJoy knee brace that goes from my groin to my shin. So, needless to say not only am I scared to work out I also am trying to figure out how to get out of my own head and set up a program.

I'm having a hard time just picking up a weight or a band because I'm afraid. I've been released by all of my Docs to begin strength training and to continue with my cardio, but I don't seem to be able to kick myself in the pants. If there's anyone out there with some experience with this or is going through it now I'd definitely appreciate any tips.
Apologies for the novel length post, I tend to get a bit wordy. lol

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