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3/4/11 9:41 A

Thanks Ladies! I will give it some time and see how it goes. Thanks again!

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3/4/11 9:37 A

No point to worry unless you see it happen and if it does it most likely will be water related and will change quickly. Make sure your plan is set for the exercise you are doing and then eat within the range (higher end on the days you work out, lower end on the days you don't) and you will be on your way.

Coach Tanya

TYLERSMOM40 Posts: 94
3/4/11 9:36 A

Yes, You may have not been eating enough calories to support your body before you started eating within Sparkpeoples ranges. I was at a stall in my weightloss so I had my BMR tested and it showed I also was not eating enough calories. I then bumped up my calorie range from 1400-1600 to 1700-1900 as recommended by my nutritionist and I have started losing again. It sounds crazy, but you have to eat to lose. Try it for 3-4 weeks and see how it goes. You can then change it if you need to :)

3/4/11 9:06 A

I'm sorry what I meant is I have been eating the calorie range sparkpeoples recommends based on my exercise. I use to eat less then this and now that I'm upping my calories for the last 2 weeks I'm afraid I won't lose weight but actually will gain weight.

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3/3/11 11:26 P

Eat within the Sparkpeople ranges. Spark takes your fitness activities into consideration, too, so if you're worried that you're not eating enough to support your workouts make sure you are logging your workouts and spark will notify you if you need to eat more.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,681
3/3/11 11:14 P

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "eat more calories sparks recommends?" You should be eating within the calorie range sparkpeople recommends.

3/3/11 8:48 P

I just started about a couple weeks ago eating more calories what Sparks recommends. From what I read if you don't eat enough calories you will start to hold on fat and my actually gain weight. I recently gain a few pounds and I can tell my Jeans are a bit tighter. My exercise is excellent and what kind of foods I eat is very good I just have a problem with getting in calories. So what I want to know if I eat more calories what Sparks recommends will this help me lose weight and how long to see results? I'm just worried cause I'm afraid if I eat more calories I will continue to gain weight. Thanks!

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