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5/15/16 9:38 P

Great job!! Welcome back.
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5/4/16 8:19 P


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5/1/16 11:42 P

Congrats!!!! Wow that is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

AMARTIN2015 Posts: 1
5/1/16 9:45 A

Hi all,
It has been a long while since I had accessed my account but couldnt access it since I had to change my email address. The last time I was in here, I had started at 385 pounds, but am down to 237 now. I have lost 148 pounds on my own. I have about 87 more to go before I get to my ultimate goal weight of 150 pounds. Since July of 2014, I have lost 104 pounds. I have rewarded myself with smaller size clothes and two trips. I went from a size 30/32 down to a size 18/20 and idk how many inches I have lost. I am just praising God for Him helping when I dont deserve it. emoticon

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