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10/10/18 1:23 A

I am taking phentermine, half a pill a day. It does seem to really help with energy levels and appetite control. The MD said I could take one pill a day, in two halves, morning and afternoon, but when I tried that, it was very constipating. Taking one half with lots of water and fiber, works ok.

If my weight loss gets stuck at some point I will ask about the other medications you mentioned, which I don't know anything about.

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7/28/18 5:40 P

I hit 40, had two babies, and my weight shot from 145 to 192. I dieted constantly and exercised in bursts but my weight only increased. I tracked my calories with a 1200 per day target and I hit it the majority of the time -- but still I gained weight. At 49y.o., I started having hot flashes and had lost my libido.

So I went to a doctor - he told me to join weight watchers.
So I went to another doctor - he told me to eat more salad.
So I went to another doctor - she told me that my body had probably developed a resistance to insulin. My body didn't need 1200 calories a day, it needed less. That was why I was gaining weight. I needed to eat less, but she said let's be real - no one can starve themselves day in day out for the rest of their lives. But with Contrave and a very small amount of phentermine, I could consume far fewer calories and I would lose weight.

In six weeks I lost more than twenty pounds...from 192 to 168. I felt great (no side effects, thankfully, because they are real problems for a lot of people). However, my weight plateaued and stayed at that level for the next 2.5 months. I was eating clean and definitely eating less, but nothing was happening.

My doctor explained that the pathways between your head and your gut are many. Contrave can disconnect a couple, maybe a few, but not all. She prescribed Belviq in addition to Contrave and phentermine, and I lost the additional weight. I've lost 45 pounds and am keeping it off. I did that without the stress of dieting. I feel like I got my life back. I feel pretty again, sexy even. I smile more. My relationship with my husband is spicy again too! This is what I dreamed about at 192 lbs.

I simply eat less, and my hunger doesn't run my life. Rather than force myself to eat breakfast every day (even though a cup of coffee is all I want), my doctor said skip it - why add the calories? I eat some soup for lunch, a nutrition bar if I'm desperate for a snack in the afternoon, and a lean, healthy dinner with a glass of wine. I get maybe 800-1000 calories a day, and apparently that's all I need. I get hungry but the drugs allow me to disregard it. My stomach can rumble but I don't need to feed it.

I take a Contrave and Belviq in the morning, plus 1/4 of a phentermine pill (I break off a chunk with my fingernail). Then I have another Contrave and Belviq in the evening. I'll probably have to do this for the rest of my life and I'm TOTALLY ok with that. I know that without these drugs I will gain weight, because I slacked off for 2.5 weeks while I was on vacation and I came back 8 lbs. heavier. The good news is that I was able to shed the extra weight quickly by "dieting," cutting back on calories by eating little or no meat and cutting out the wine.

These days I ski, ride motorcycles, and get my exercise. I feel terrific.

I hope you haven't ruled out prescribed drugs to help you lose weight and I hope you can find a doctor like mine. Someone who truly cares about your health and happiness. xo, --t

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