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ZRIE014 Posts: 339,937
3/7/18 12:39 A

even if it is cold or wet outside, i enjoy running outside. just ware warmer clothing.

COONSY Posts: 1,432
3/6/18 5:57 P

I actually end up working out longer and harder in the winter, mostly because my routine is, well, routine. I get up at 4:30, head to the gym, and workout from 5-7 M-F. On weekends I may go for a moto or bicycle ride if the weather permits, otherwise I'll just head off to my part time gig.

In the not-winter months, my schedule goes a bit more haywire. I'll still hit the gym on most weekdays, but if I was at the track, or racing, I am often having to skip due to time (having to get to the track means getting to work super early, which means heading straight to work in the morning) or because racing/riding is a workout in itself, so I'll end up taking a day of rest after that most of the time, too.

Winter is my time to really focus on my weaknesses as a racer and stick to the routine and make sure I'm on point with my eating and everything else.

SHOAPIE Posts: 34,513
2/26/18 2:43 P

It’s good to switch up your exercise routine. Keeps your body guessing. emoticon

MOTTSIE Posts: 208
2/25/18 12:28 P

Honestly, with the flu epidemic, I freak out at the gym. So many people don’t wipe down machines and just the large amount of people makes me “see the bacteria “. Not actually seeing it, but I’m always thinking about it. I had the flu shot, but I have been limiting the weight machines.
Better to stick with the treadmill & bike until flu season passes. 😷

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,698)
Fitness Minutes: (24,124)
Posts: 4,676
2/9/18 5:49 A

Have to change skin care during cold weather as well. My skin dries out and makes it much more succeptible to bacteria in public places. So in addition to curbing outdoor activities, I curb gym visits.

KEEPITSIMPLE_ Posts: 4,860
2/7/18 7:46 A

I have a variety of DVD's to do inside at home, and u-tube workouts are free. It's good to keep moving, strengthening, etc.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
2/4/18 12:08 P

I do dvd workouts and lift weights.

APACHESTEVE SparkPoints: (36,527)
Fitness Minutes: (24,975)
Posts: 3,106
1/31/18 9:00 P

While I do have and use a gym membership I sometimes simply don't want to get out in winter weather. On those days I'll do a video workout. Spark and YouTube are replete with good ones for a cold, windy, rainy, or snow filled day.

ENGINEERMOM Posts: 1,184
1/25/18 2:12 P

My workout routines change quite a bit with the seasons. I live in the NW Chicago suburbs, so we get a fair amount of snow and cold temps, and then also hot, humid weather in the summer.

Basically, I view myself as an athlete, specifically a triathlete, and I structure my workouts to support that sport (well, technically 3 sports - swim, bike, run). In the summer I bike to/from work when it's not raining, and run and walk outside before or after work. I take my kids to our local outdoor pool after work, and swim laps in short breaks in between playing with them (our pool has a lap lane open even when the rest of the pool is doing open swim). I do long rides (40+ miles) with a local bike club either Saturday or Sunday. I will very occasionally get to the gym to lift weights, although that's pretty rare and really only when the weather's especially crappy.

In the winter, my routine is much more structured - Mondays I run (either outside after work if the sidewalks are safe, I get out at 3:30, and there's just enough time before the sun goes down, or inside before work if there's too much snow/ice), Tuesdays I lift weights and swim laps at the gym's indoor pool before work, Wednesdays I got to a spin class at my gym (to keep up my cycling muscles!), Thursdays I lift and swim, Fridays are a rest day, and either Saturday or Sunday I do a "long" run (at least a 5k) in the morning, depending on which day the weather is best. If the weather's crappy, then it's a long walk.

MARTHA324 Posts: 10,037
1/22/18 8:52 A

With the cold (and icy) winter I end up working out at the gym more often. I actually love my gym but also love getting in some long walks outside, which just isn't in the cards on some days.

SPUNOUTMOM Posts: 1,548
1/18/18 6:46 P

I change my winter workouts, I snowshoe and I try to use exercise bike at least 3 times per week. I find it difficult to get workouts in this time of year.

ALLENCS Posts: 1,957
1/15/18 10:06 A

I still get in my workouts. I do miss doing my runs outside. Most of all I miss working in the garden and yard.

JOANLR Posts: 891
1/8/18 8:41 P

My routine doesn't really change with the weather, because I mostly do indoor workouts all year. I use my Elliptical, and do boot-camp style DVD workouts for strength. The only thing I miss in the winter is my walks.

RYANLLOYD101 SparkPoints: (82)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
1/8/18 5:03 P

Reading your response makes me think of it a little differently. It's probably a good thing to treat the seasons as an opportunity to switch up the routine and get into different activities. Instead of thinking of how restrictive winter weather is, I should think of how many new opportunities it presents. Snowshoeing and skiing for example, are great activities that aren't possible in the warmer months, but are great for fitness and enjoyment. Thanks!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 32,015
1/8/18 3:20 P

Some of the routine surely changes, because the conditions change.

I walk a lot, and I spin three times a week year 'round (not currently because of a broken & displaced bone).

Summer brings hiking and biking.
Winter brings ice skating, snowtubing, and sledding.

RYANLLOYD101 SparkPoints: (82)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
1/8/18 2:10 P

Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone changes their fitness routine during the winter due to the cold weather?

I have always had difficulty getting myself into a gym routine, so a gym membership hasn't really been a great option.

Instead my outdoor activities drop down to only walking in the winter, with running and biking taking a break until the Spring.

Then I focus on weight training I can do at home - bodyweight exercises and some weights with a set of PowerBlocks. I continue to intermittent fast and my results seem to stay consistent through winter.

Does anyone else have any tips to share on what works for them during the cold winter weather?

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