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10/13/18 1:42 P

Thanks barbwms, I need to read you post several times to get it's true meaning, yes I'm my own worst critic and only I can turn this around I've already got my day off with a big bang, it's not to late to rectify this

BARBWMS Posts: 2,523
10/13/18 12:25 P

It happens to us all.. and I remember a saying that perfect is the enemy of good.... we can be so harsh to ourselves when we don't do what we think we ought to.... life stretches ahead with a lot of opportunities to do great forgive yourself and march on!

QUADCMOM Posts: 13,461
10/13/18 10:46 A

Yes, today is a new day. Wishing you a successful one !!

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10/12/18 3:21 P

My last entry crashed, simply put I screwed up big time yesterday, 5 donuts and 2 cups of homemade cheese and broccoli soup, both nummy but at what cost? I didn't even bother recording it, today's a new day emoticon

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